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Q: In which sport can you be penalised for traveling?
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In what game do you get penalised for traveling?

basketball and...

In which sports can you be penalised for traveling?


What sport is traveling from?


Which is the sport that wins after traveling 3.6m only?

Tug of war

Is netball a contact sport?

Netball is considered non contact - however it was recently rated the third highest contact sport. This is because as the player is penalised when pulled up for contacting, the contact is made more aggressive (the logic is "if you're going to do it you might as well do it properly").

Where did the sport wrestelling come from?

carnivals traveling freak shows strong men ect

In which sport you will be penalized for traveling?

Netball or Basketball ( if you've dribbled stopped and then continued moving)

How does traveling affect in sport?

Because speed and time cover the distance covered to score a goal

What can you be penalized for in badminton?

In badminton you can be penalised on the serve. When serving you can be penalised for not having both feet on the ground, having a foot on the line having the racquet above waist height and double swinging. Hope i helped. :)

Are you able to take the penalty pass on either side of the penalised player in a game of netball?

Yes, usually un-less the umpire is picky, you can take the penaly pass on either side of the penalised player,

When you play sport what are the benefits of traveling places?

you get to see possibly places you've never been to before

What athlete have been banned because of drugs?

im not perticulary sure not many dwaine chambers is one for taking anobiolic steroides in a 100m sprinting event. but also many people have been penalised by missing sport drug tests.

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