What sport is traveling from?

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Q: What sport is traveling from?
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In which sport can you be penalised for traveling?


Which is the sport that wins after traveling 3.6m only?

Tug of war

Where did the sport wrestelling come from?

carnivals traveling freak shows strong men ect

In which sport you will be penalized for traveling?

Netball or Basketball ( if you've dribbled stopped and then continued moving)

How does traveling affect in sport?

Because speed and time cover the distance covered to score a goal

When you play sport what are the benefits of traveling places?

you get to see possibly places you've never been to before

What are some new zealand hobbies?

New Zealand is known for sport, natural environments, kiwis and holidays. NZ hobbies can be anything. Probably hanging on the beach, playing sport, shopping and traveling.

What is Daniel radcliffs hobbys?

He spills that he loves a good Cricket match! (British Sport) And as a fellow brit' I as well enjoy the sport. He also likes hanging with friends , taking long walks , and traveling.

What does it means when you dream of water?

In what respect? Drinking it, swimming in it, drowning in it, traveling on it, water sport, etc etc, please refine the question....

What is motorcycling?

Motorcycling is a form of transportation on a two or three wheeled motor vehicle It can be used for traveling, commuting, cruising, sport and racing.

Is competitive dance a sport?

Yes, competitive dance is definitely a sport. It holds all the elements that "normal" sports have: teams, competition, long practices, hard work, dedication, trophies, judges (which are like referees in any other sport) its not free to participate in, and traveling is involved. So competitive dancing is definitely a sport.

Which sport has the hardest hitting0 which major sport would have the greatest potential energy transfer in a collision0 would hockey bc they are traveling faster0 would football bc they are bigger0?

get a life looser get a life looser Hockey is

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