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It depends on the situation. You can throw a curve ball on the first pitch to get ahead but make sure you are hitting the corners and you don't make a habit of it because you will tip off hitters and they will set on the pitch. Also you can throw a curve ball when you are 0-2. If you have a good curve and a hard one you can attempt to throw it for a strike or if it's not that good you can throw it in the dirt and try to get the hitter to "fish" for it. If you throw it in the dirt and there is someone on base make sure you have a catcher who can lock it so there won't be a passed ball allowing the runner to advance to the next base.

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Q: In which event do you throw a curved ball?
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What sport do you use a wooden like curved thing to catch and throw a ball with?


The event in which a heavy ball tied with a chain is thrown?

The event in which a heavy ball tied with a chain is thrown is called the hammer throw. The winner is the person who tosses the hammer the farthest.

When you throw a ball what happens can you explain what two forces act on the ball?

When you throw a ball, two main forces act on it: the force of the throw propelling it forward, and the force of gravity pulling it downward. The throw provides the initial thrust while gravity causes the ball to follow a curved path back to the ground.

Explain why when you throw a ball it travels in an arc and not in a perfectly straight line?

When you throw a ball, it follows a curved path due to a combination of two forces: gravity pulling the ball downward and the initial forward velocity you give the ball. The force of gravity causes the ball to accelerate downward, while the initial forward velocity causes the ball to move horizontally. These two forces interact to create the ball's curved trajectory known as an arc.

What is the event shot put?

it is a event were a person would throw a heavy ball from a certain spot. once thrown they would measure how far it went. who ever throw it the furthest would win

What force will cause a thrown ball to follow a curved path?

The force of gravity acting on the ball causes it to follow a curved path when thrown. As the ball moves forward, gravity pulls it downward, causing it to curve towards the ground. Other factors like air resistance and the initial velocity of the throw can also affect the path of the ball.

What causes a ball to follow a curved path when you throw it?

When you throwa balland give it aforwardmotion, Gravity pulls the ball towards thecenter of earth. The ball has two motions ... horizontal (forward) and a downwardmotion. The horizontal speed is constant, or at least nearly constant, but thedownward speed is constantly growing because of the downward gravitational forceon the ball. A constant horizontal speed together with vertical acceleration is a surerecipe for a curved path.

What is the tip in jaialai for tomorrow?

Jai Alai is a sport that is similar to racquet ball. It involves a hand held curved racquet like launcher that is sued to throw and catch the ball. This best way to get tips is to ask a person that plays the game.

What is the weight of throw ball?

An example of the large (56 lb) weight used in the weight throw event in Scottish Highland games ... In international competition, the men's weight is a 35 lb ball with a D-ring or ... The size of the weight depends on the class of the competition.

How do you imagine part of one curved face is contained by another curved face?

Get a ball. Draw any closed shape on it. The part inside the curve that you drew is one curved face and that is contained by the surface of the ball which is the other curved face.

Does a ball hace a curved surface?


What is the difference between throw me the ball and throw the ball to me?

nothing they mean the same thing