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Belgium, at the 1992 Belgian Grand Prix.

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Q: In which country did Michael Schumacher win his first grand prix?
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When was the first Grand Prix in Bahrain?

2004 ... won by Michael Schumacher.

What team did Michael schumacher first win his grand prix?

I think it was with the Beneton Ford that Michael Sch umacher won his first grand prix.

What was Michael Schumacher first formula 1 race?

Belgian Grand Prix, 1991

What years did Michael Schumacher win the Australian Grand Prix?

Michael Schumacher won the Australian Grand Prix in 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2004.

Which grid position did Michael Schumacher start from in his first F1 race?

Michael Schumacher started the Belgian Grand Prix of 1991 from the 7th place on the grid. He failed to finish the race.

Who won the Monaco Grand Prix in 1994?

Michael Schumacher

Who won the Monaco Grand Prix in 1997?

Michael Schumacher Ferrari

Who won the Monaco Grand Prix in 1999?

Michael Schumacher Ferrari

Who won the Monaco Grand Prix in 2001?

Michael Schumacher Ferrari

Who will replace ferraris Michael schumacher in the upcoming European grand prix?

Michael Schumacher has retired after winning it seven times. That was a few years ago.

Which gp did Michael Schumacher win last?

Michael Schumacher's last win was at the Chinese Grand Prix in 2006, his third last race before he retired.

Who won the 2000 F1 Grand Prix Drivers Championship?

Michael Schumacher.

Who won the Monaco Grand Prix in 1995?

Michael Schumacher Benetton-Renault

Who won the 2000 US Grand Prix?

Michael Schumacher driving for Ferrari.

When was Michael Schumacher's last race in his formula 1 career?

Schumacher's last F1 race was at the 2012 Brazillian Grand Prix.

How many times did Michael Schumacher win the Grand Prix?

He Won 91 Grand Prix's and 7 Championships

How many Grand Prix Races has Michael Schumacher Won?

See the Related Links for "Schumacher's Record" to the bottom for the answer. Formula One Victories:Michael Schumacher - 83Hopes This Helps. 91 races Michael Won in formula One

How many times has Michael schumacher won Barcelona grand prix?

7 times

When was Giancarlo Fisichella's first podium in his formula 1 career?

1997 Belgian Grand Prix, he finished second behind Michael Schumacher.

When was Michael schumachers last race?

Michael Schumacher's last Grand Prix was at the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix. He finished seventh driving for the Mercedes team.

How many Monaco grand prixs did Michael schumacher take part in?

Michael Schumacher took part in eighteen Monaco Grand Prix between 1992 to 2010 winning five times (1994, 1995, 1997, 1999 and 2001).

How many Formula 1 championship races in 2005 did Michael Schumacher win?

In 2005, Michael Schumacher had one Formula 1 win. It was the SAP United States Grand Prix at Indianapolis Grand Prix Circuit on June 19th.

How many Grand Prix races has Michael Schumacher won as of Aug 10th 2009?


How many Grand prix championships has Michael Schumacher won?

7 world driving championships

Name the corner where Michael Schumacher broke his leg in 1999 and which grand prix race was it?

Stowe at Silverstone in the British Grand Prix.