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Michael Schumacher's last win was at the Chinese Grand Prix in 2006, his third last race before he retired.

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Q: Which gp did Michael Schumacher win last?
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First win by Michael Schumacher?

his first win was in 1992 Belgium GP

Which team will Michael schumacher drive for in 2010?

Mercedes GP

Who was the first f1 driver to win 100 gp?

No driver has won 100 Grand Prix the closest any driver has come to that accolade is Michael Schumacher who has won 91 GP

Which team does Micheal schumacher currently drive for?

Michael Schumacher currently drives for Mercedes GP alongside Nico Rosberg.

What Grand Prix has never been won by Michael Schumacher?

He won 7 GPs, 1994, 1995 and from 2000 t0 2004. First race was in 1991, and last race so far was last sunday. From 1991 to 2009, there's been 18 GPs, so he didn't win 11GP. He didn't win the 1996 GP.

How many times has Michael Schumacher won the F1 Belgian GP at Spa-Francorchamps?

Michael Schumacher has won at the legendary Spa-Francorchamps on a record six occasions; 1992, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2001 and 2002.

Who was the last brit to win a moto gp race?

Barry sheene in the 1970s he was also the last to win the world title, tho it was called 500cc gp then not moto gp

Who won the first f1 GP in Bahrain?

The first Bahrain F1 race was held in 2004 and was won by Michael Schumacher.

Is this spelling for Michael Schumacher's name correct?

The spelling is correct, Michael Schumacher. He is a Formula One race driver from Germany, born in 1969. He formerly drove for Benneton (1991-1995) and for Ferrari (1996-2006) and won championships for each. He signed with Mercedes GP in 2009.

'What is the world championship record for Formula 1 drivers?

There are many records for Formula 1 Drivers. a. Most races entered - Rubens Barrichello b. Most race wins - Michael Schumacher - 91 wins c. Most race wins in a Season - Michael Schumacher - 2004 Season d. Youngest Race winner - Sebastian Vettel - 2008 Italian GP e. Most Pole Positions - Michael Schumacher - 68 pole starts f. Most Fastest Laps - Michael Schumacher - 76 g. Total Podium Finishes - Michael Schumacher - 154 podiums h. Most career points - 1369 points i. Most Laps led in their career - 5108 laps j. Doubles - Pole position and race win in the same race - Michael Schumacher - 40 races k. Hat tricke - Pole, fastest lap and race win in the same race - Michael Schumacher - 22 l. Grand Chelem (Slam) - Led the entire race from pole and also fastest lap - Jim Clark - 8 times m. Most F1 racing championships - Michael Schumacher - 7 times n. Youngest F1 racing champion - Lewis Hamilton

How many times did Micheal schumacher win F1 gp?

Michael Schumacher has won the most F1 drivers championships for a driver. He won it twice with Bennetton in 1994 & 95. And then five times with Ferrari 2000-2004. Schumacher holds many records in Formula One, including most race victories, fastest laps, pole positions, points scored and most races won in a single season.

Who was last Scotsman to win Formula 1?

The last coltish man to win a F1 race would be David Coulthard. His last win was back in 2003 at the Australian GP.

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