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Q: In what year did the Reds first appear in a televised game?
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The first televised sporting event a baseball game was brodcast in?

It was broadcast on August 26, 1939. The game was between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Cincinnati Reds at Ebbets Field, Brooklyn, New York.

Was the 1958 NFL championship the first nationally televised NFL game?

Yes. However, part of the New York area was blacked out because the game didn't sell out. But, officially, you could say it was the first nationally televised game; though not the first televised.

What year was the first summer olympic game televised in US?

1964 was the first Summer Games televised in the United States

When was Michigan's first televised game?

deal or no deal

When was michigan's first televised football game?


Michigan first Televised game was in what year?


What was the first televised sport?

It was a college baseball game.

When was the first ever televised football match?

Back in 1946 the BBC televised live the second half of Barnet's game against Wealdstone from Underhill - the first televised broadcast.

What year was the first Red Sox game televised?


What is the very first televised game show?

ping pong

Michigan's First Televised Football game was what year?

It was in 1947

What year was first Red Sox game televised?