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in 1948

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Q: In what year did Sir Donald Bradman play his last ever Test Match?
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Who is best ever test player?

Donald Bradman, 99.94 Career Test Average.

How old was Donald Bradman when he played his first cricket match ever?

Donald Bradman played his first match at age 11: he made 55 and the Oval on which he played is now called the Bradman Oval. Bradman made his first century at the age of 12.

What was Donald Bradman's highest run ever?

Donald Bradman's highest score in Test Cricket was 334 and in First Class Cricket 452(not out).

Who is the best batsman ever?

It is by a mile Sir Donald Bradman with a batting average of 99.94 in test (that is the average amount of runs he sored in a match)

Who was a cricketer who made 300 runs in his first test and never played a match ever again?


What is don bradman's lowest score?

0. In his last ever Test match he was out for a duck on the second ball.

Why don bradman called sir don bradman?

Because sir donald bradman is one of the greatest cricketers ever in the whole world.

What are facts about Donald Bradman?

Had he made 4 runs in his last test match innings he would have had an average of 100 in test cricket.... sadly the Don was out for a Duck...... Oval Vs England 1948. Almost certainly the finest batsman the game has ever seen.

Who is the best batsman ever in Australia?

Donald Bradman, he averaged 99 points

Who scored the first ever test century?

Don Bradman

What is Don Bradman's test cricket average?

99.94 which is the highest ever test cricket average.

What was Donald bradmans achievements?

Donald George Bradman from Australia was the greatest batsman who ever lived. Also, he was the greatest cricketer of the 20th Century.

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