Can a wing attack score goals?

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No, only the Goal Shooter and Goal Attack can score goals.

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Q: Can a wing attack score goals?
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Could a wing forward score goals in soccer?

Anyone Can Score A Goal.

What are the players jobs in netball?

Goal Shooter: Scores most of the goals. Goal Attack: Bring the ball into attacking third and score goals. Wing Attack: Bring the ball into the attacking third. Centre: Attack and defend the ball through the whole court except the goal circle. Wing Defence: Defend the Wing Attack. Goal Defence: Defend the Goal Attack. Goal Keeper: Defend the Goal Shooter.

What does wing attack do in net ball?

wing attack should try to pass the ball to goal attack or goal shooter so they can score

What positions can not score in netball?

Only Goal Attack and Goal Shooter CAN score a goal. So Wing Attack, Goal Keeper, Wing Defence, Centre, Goal Defence CAN'T score a goal.

How many goal did Nani score his whole career?

he didnt score a lot of goals because he is a right wing and assists many goals.

What positions can you score goals at netball?

Goal Attack and Goal Shooter.

What does a goal attack do in netball?

To feed and work with GS and to score goals

Which player in netball has a position that isn't allowed to score goals?

Only GS (goal shooter) and GA (goal attack) can shoot. This means that WA (wing attack), WD (wing defense), GD (goal defense) GK (goal keeper) and C (centre) cannot shoot.

Which Red Wing was the first American born defenseman to score 200 career goals?

Reed Larson

What positons are in netball?

There are seven positions able to be played in a netball team. These are:Goal Keeper (GK)Goal Defence (GD)Wing Defence (WD)Centre (C)Wing Attack (WA)Goal Attack (GA)Goal Shooter (GS)Goal Attack and Goal shooter at the players who score the goals in netball. they are defended by the goal attack and the goal keeper. the aim for a defence player is to stop the attacking player from getting the ball. Wing defence is another defending player.

Why do you need attackers in netball?

Because if there is no attackers who will score the goals, they wouldn't be able to attack and defend themselves

What does the wing attack do in netball?

defend the wing attack on the other team

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