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The Olympics take place in August

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From August to September.

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Q: In what month did the ancient Olympics take place?
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What month do the Olympics take place?

The Summer Olympics normally take place in late July or early August. The Winter Olympics take place in February.

What did the ancient Greek Olympics take place?


What month did the 1994 winter Olympics take place?


Where did the equestrian events in the ancient Olympics take place?

In the stadium.

How did chariot racing take place in ancient Greece?

In the Olympics

Did the ancient Olympics always take place in greece?


Will the summer Olympics ever be every month?

The Olympics take place every 4 years.

What year did the ancient original Olympics first take place?


How often did the ancient Olympics take place?

Every 4 years.

What month and day did the 1996 Olympics take place?

The 1996 Summer Olympics took place from July 19 to August 4, 1996.

What month does the 2012 Olympics take place?

27th July to 12th August 2012.

Which month does the summer Olympics usually take place?

In the month of August. The 2016 Olympic will also be held in August 2016