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In the Olympics

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Q: How did chariot racing take place in ancient Greece?
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What events took place in Ancient Olympic Games?

chariot racing javelin and lots of other sports

What is a good sentence with hippodrome in it?

In ancient Greece, the Hippodrome was a great place to see a chariot race.

What is so important about chariot-racing?

Chariots are important because they helped people in ancient times get from place to place. Also they were used in circuses(arenas in ancient rome and shows in them) for the entertainment of others.

Was chariot racing an event at the Rome Colosseum?

It could have been, most likely, perhaps during gladiatorial combat, but most of the chariot racing would have taken place in the Circvs Maximvs, built especially for chariot racing.

What was the vast outdoor arena in Rome where chariot races took place?

The Circus Maximus was the main arena for chariot racing in ancient Rome. It was located between Palatine Hill and Aventine Hill.

Where did chariot racing take place Ancient Greece?

Greek Chariot Racing took place in the Hippodrome.Chariot races were held in a long narrow stadium known as a "hippodrome" in the Greek world and a "circus" in the Roman world.If you use Google Earth to look at the ruins of Tyre in the Lebanon, or south-east of Haghia Sophia in Istanbul, or by the forum in Rome, you will see the typical shape of a hippodrome (Hippo is the root for horse, ie hippopotamus= water horse).

What is a colsseum?

A Colosseum is a place where events such as Chariot Racing and Gladiator Fights occur

What activity took place at the circus Maximus?

The acitvity at the Circus Maximus was chariot racing and its related religious ceremonies.

What is an equestrian event that took place in the Greek Olympics?

Chariot racing, from 600 BC.

A place of assembly or market place in ancient Greece?

An assembly place of marketplace in ancient Greece was called an agora.

Where did chariot racing take place in Ancient Rome?

Ancient Roman chariot races took place in a circus. Circus in Roman terms meant a ring or an oval course for running races. The largest was the Circus Maximus, which some say could hold 100,000 people. There were also the Circus Flaminius and the Circus Maritimus.

What is a good topic sentence for ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece was a fun place to be at!

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