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If the ball ever touches the antenna even if it goes on the other side, it is out.

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Q: In volleyball what if the ball touches the antenna but still goes in to the other side?
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Does it count when a volleyball touches the net and still goes over?

Yes as long as no person touches the net as well it's good

What is a let serve in volleyball?

It is when the ball touches the net on a serve, but still goes over, in-bounds.

What happens when the ball is served above the height of the antenna in volleyball?

Nothing, the ball is still in, unless the ball hits the antenna. If the ball hits the antenna at any point. The ball is called out.

What is the same in both beach volleyball and indoor volleyball?

well, first off the rules are basically the same: 3 touches, line's in, the '2-ball' rule w/the setter is still the same. its more, what's different?:

What happens if the shuttle touches the net?

In badminton, 1. During service if the shuttle touches the tip of the net and still goes to the receivers side, it is a legal service. 2. Anytime after the service if the shuttle touches the net and go to the other side, it is still in play.

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What is it called when a volleyball hits the net on a serve and lands in on the opponents side?

The point is still valid, as long as it hit's the opponent's side inside their lines. It doesn't matter if the ball touches the net on the way over.

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