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A team will rotate whenever they get the serve back. And you rotate clockwise..

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Q: When and how a team will rotate in a volley ball match?
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When do you rotate on the volley ball court?

after your team loses posession of the ball

Is there only one server for the volley ball team?

Volleyball players rotate every time they win possession back. There will be multiple servers for each team unless one team doesn't score.

Is there a volley ball team in the summer?


How many players in beach ball?

Well normal volley ball has 4 people on a team, so I'm guessing that it would also be 4 people on a beach volley ball team.

What is a volley in volley ball?

When the ball continuously goes from one team to another without any fouls or points being scored.

Does volley ball have an Australian team?

yes Australian deos have a team i wated them

What is the difference between a forearm and volley pass in volleyball?

a forearm is when u try to get the volley ball up so the other team won't get it back on time to ur team and a volley is when u pass the volley ball law then the other team should do the dig which most of people forget all the time

How many times out are there in volley ball?

3 per team

How many volley ball players make a team?

9 players per team

How many shots can each team take in volley ball?


How many players are on one team in beach volleyball?

Normally, there are two players in a game of beach volleyball.

What are the rules and of volley ball?

rule numba 1. you cant hold the ball rule numba 2. you cant hit the ball twice. rule numba 3. once the ball hits the floor the other team get the point and they rotate. rule numba 4. if the ball goes out of bounds the opposite team gets the ball and a point. rule numba 5. HAVE FUN!