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Where he or she just got tackled

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Q: In the NFL if you return a missed field goal and get tackled short of the spot of the kick where does your team take possession?
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Can a missed field goal be advanced by the defense?

Yes. A missed field goal that hits the ground results in no points and the opposing team taking possession at the spot of the kick (not the original line of scrimmage). If the opposing team catches the ball and returns it, the recovering team would instead get the ball at the point where the return ends. It is possible to return the missed FG for a touchdown.

If a field goal is missed can the defense run it back for a touchdown and is that considered a blocked kick or just a regular punt return?

Yes, the defense can return a missed field goal for a touchdown. However, the touchdown would be credited to the special teams and not to the defense since a field goal is considered a special teams play. The TD would be considered under the heading 'return of a missed field goal' and not a blocked kick nor punt return.

What was Devin Hester's longest touchdown in the pros?

a 108 yard missed field goal return

Can a defensive player return a missed field goal from the end zone?

According to the rules in the NFL yes they can.

Can a fumble by the defense on the return of a missed field goal be returned by the original kicking team the offense?


How did both Nathan Vasher and Devin Hester set their 108-yard return records?

By returning missed field goals.

Can you return an attempted field goal if the kicking team misses the field goal attempt?

Yes. Just like a punt, the defensive team has the option of fielding the ball or letting it roll dead (assuming the ball does not travel out of bounds). However, if they do return it, they will take possession wherever the play ends; whereas if they let it roll dead, they will take possession at the previous spot (college) or the spot of the kick (NFL), or at the 20 yard line. The exception is high school, where a missed field goal that rolls dead in the field of play will be spotted at that point, so in high school it makes sense to try and return a long field goal attempt. But in college or pro, it is rarely attempted except on the last play of a half.

Who was the first NFL player to return a missed field goal 100 yards?

Al Nelson, a cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles between 1965-1973, was the first player to return a missed field goal 100+ yards when he returned one 100 yards against the Cleveland Browns on December 11, 1966.

What is the meaning of field return?

what is the meaning of "field return"?

Who missed the field goal in the 1991 Super Bowl for the bills?

Scott Norwood missed the field goal in the 1991 SuperBowl

What is the second longest missed field goal return in NFL history?

2007Cromartie, ChargersMissed FG1092007Hobbs, PatriotsKO return1082006Hester, BearsMissed FG1082005Vasher, BearsMissed FG108

How can points be scored if a field goal is missed?

If a player catches a missed field goal attempt while in the field of play, he can return it for a touchdown, resulting in six points. After the touchdown, his team may kick the PAT (Point After Touchdown) and score another one point, or convert the two point conversion for two points.

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