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By returning missed field goals.

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Q: How did both Nathan Vasher and Devin Hester set their 108-yard return records?
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When was Nathan Vasher born?

Nathan Vasher was born on 1981-11-17.

What is the longest punt return in NFL history?

The longest return of any kind is 109 yards by Antonio Cromartie in the 2007-2008 season vs. the Minnesota Vikings The longest return of any sorts in the nfl is 109 yards, set by devin Hester and Nathan vasher, both of the Chicago bears. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The longest punt return in NFL history was 103 yards by Robert Bailey of the Los Angeles Rams in 1994 against the New Orleans Saints. reports Hester's (2006) and Vasher's (2005) returns at 108 yards.

Will Devin Hester still play DB?

So far it seems the Bears believe he is much more valuable on offense and I must agree even though so far he has been used as a decoy more than anything. Even with all the injuries the Bears have had in the secondary, Hester has not played a snap on defense. The Bears seem content to start Danieal Manning at corner and McGowen taking Mannings safety spot until Nathan Vasher returns

How many former University of Texas players are currently in the NFL?

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2004 Chicago Bears Draft1 (14, 14) - Tommie Harris, Oklahoma, DT2 (15, 47) - Terry Johnson, Washington, DT3 (15, 78) - Bernard Berrian, Fresno State, WR4 (14, 110) - Nathan Vasher, Texas, DB4 (16, 112) - Leon Joe, Maryland, LB5 (15, 147) - Claude Harriott, Pittsburgh, DE5 (16, 148) - Craig Krenzel, Ohio State, QB7 (14, 215) - Alfonso Marshall, Miami (FL), DB

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