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Q: Can a fumble by the defense on the return of a missed field goal be returned by the original kicking team the offense?
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What skills are used in hockey?

Dribbling, kicking, catching, running, trapping, offense, striking, defense.

What are special teams?

Just like you have players that play on offense, players that play on defense, Special Teams are the players that play on kicking plays (for example kicking a field goal or punting the ball and also for kickoffs and kickoff returns).

What is the sentence for defense?

defense is as important as offence. defense is your first offense.

How many plays in a youth football game?

There is an average of 40 to 50 plays during a youth football game. There are four areas in which a child can play: offense, defense, kicking and receiving.

Are seahorses defense or offense?


What is the difference with offense and defense in softball?

Offense is when the team is batting and is on defense when the team is fielding

Are zebras defense or offense?


What happens on the fourth down in football?

If the offense team misses or failed to gain 10 yards, the defense will take over the ball thus changing the defense to be on offense and offense to be on defense.

In the NFL can you score on a blocked field goal?

Both the offense and defense can score on a blocked field goal. The defense can recover a blocked field goal and advance it regardless of where they recover it. The offense can recover a blocked field goal and advance it as long as the ball has not passed the original line of scrimmage.

Does defense or offense win a football game?

offense wins battles, defense wins games

Is blue whale on offense or defense?


If you commit a misdemeanor offense on parole do you have to go before the parole board again?

No. If you commit a crime while on parole, you will have violated the provisions of your parole and it is almost certain that you will be returned to prison to serve out the term of your original sentence. Additionally, if convicted of the new offense, you will probably have that sentence added to whatever original term you were serving for the first offense.

Largest margin of victory in a college football overtime game?

ASU beat USC 47 - 34 in 2OT in 1996 (scored TD on offense, returned fumble for TD on defense).

Does baseball have 9 players on offense and defense?

baseball does not have offense and defense but the people that are playing field or bat

What is the Antonym of defense?

An antonym for defense is offense.

Is team in the field is offense or defense?


Is a kicker and offense or defense in football?


Who said the best offense is defense?

It is said that Mao Zedong was the first person to say that the best offense is defense. Carl von Clairsewitz said it as a misquote. He said the best defense s a good offense.

When was Offense-Defense All-American Bowl created?

Offense-Defense All-American Bowl was created in 2007.

Where do basketball players stand on offense and defense?

That all depends on the coach. There is no specific spot that someone stands on offense and defense. You will stand in different spots for different forms of defense and different spots for the type of offense you are running.

Is the safety position in football offense or defense?

it is defense

Is Anthony Davis better at defense or offense?


What nfl quarterback played both offense and defense?

In the early 19 hundreds many QB's played offense and defense.

What word is antonym of the word defense?

The antonym of defense is offense.

Can you play both offense and defense in the NFL?

Yes you can. Deion Saunders who played for the Dallas Cowboys played both offense and defense.