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The ball must travel 10 yards ( 30 ft. ) on an onside kick.

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The receiving team can recover the kick before
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Q: In the NFL does the ball have to move 10 feet or more in a onside kick?
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How do you kick an onside kick?

An onside kick is when you kick the ball a very shot distance on kick off (10 yards or more) and your team attempts to recover it. Usually you line up most of your players on the side you kicking to for a better chance at getting the ball. If the ball does not go 10 yards the other team well either get the ball or there will be a re-kick. If an opposing player touches the ball inside 10 yards however, then the ball is live.

How can a team get an onside kick in indoor football stadium?

The same way as outdoors. But inside the ball has a bit more bounce.

When was the last NFL onside punt?

The onside kick from scrimmage was eliminated, in the collegiate game, before WWI -- around 1912, I believe. The NFL started in 1920. So I guess the answer is -- never. In the NFL, an onside kick is only possible on a kickoff or on a free kick after a safety. But has there ever been an onside drop kick? I don't know, but lets consider why that would rarely (if ever) happen: Kickoffs are required to be a place kick (from a tee). So the only time you could even attempt an onside drop kick is after a safety, which is one of the rarest plays in football. An onside kick after a safety is very dangerous, as the kick must be from the 20 yard line. The opponent could recover the ball already in field goal range. An onside kick must hit the ground to prevent the other team from calling for a fair catch. This is more difficult to pull off with a drop kick.

What are the rules for onside kick?

The rules for an onside kick (or any kickoff, for that matter) state that the ball must travel forward 10 yards before the kicking team may touch the ball, unless the receiving team touches it first. The receiving team may touch the ball at any time. If the kicking team recovers, they may not advance the ball. The NFL has recently implemented additional rules which make recovery of the onside kick nearly impossible: No more than five players on the kicking team may line up on one side of the ball, and the receiving team may line up just 5 yards from the ball.

Does the size and weight have affect on how far it travels when you kick a soccer ball?

the size does have something to do with the distance a soccer ball can travel.the bigger the ball, the more scoop you can get when you kick the ball. also, the more pumped a soccer ball is, the more force will be needed to kick it farther.

How does air pressure effect the soccer ball when you kick it?

The more pressure in the ball the firmer it will be to kick. A low pressure ball will concave around your foot when you kick it but a higher pressure ball will give less. The more pressure in the ball the more air pressure your moving when you kick it. Think of it like a bow; the father back it is drawn the farther the arrow will fly. The more pressure in the ball the more solid it is and therefore gives more energy for energy input.

How do you kick a rugby ball further?

if you spiral kick it, it will go further and more accuratly this kick however is hard to master

How ostrich protect itself from dangers?

With their feet! Well they do more than that, but you have to remember the they are sometimes nine feet tall and they have feet to go with it. To keep their eggs safe they kick them. Yes you read right, they kick their eggs from one place to another to keep their enemies from knowing where they are. An ostrich egg can weigh as much a a bowling ball and an ostrich kick can be deadly.

If a NFL kickoff travels 40 yards hits the ground and is picked up by a member of the kicking team why does the ball go to the receiving team instead of the kicking team due to onside kick rules?

The question is the correct assessment. If a ball travels more than 10 yards, hits the ground in bounds, and the kicking team gains possession of the ball, the ball is dead and the kicking team is on offense.

What are activities for more than two that begin with k?

kick ball

Is the goalkeeper holding the ball more than 6 seconds a direct or indirect kick?

It will be a indirect free kick.

How does the air pressure of a ball effects its distance?

if you put a lot of air in a ball . good. the ball will bounce more. if its soccer it will kick further and bounce more

How can you kick the soccer ball farther?

To kick the soccer ball farther, you must put more force into your kick, and make sure your soccer ball is inflated to the appropriate weight, which is labeled where you put the air pump needle in. You must exert more force than the time you kicked it before to make the soccer ball go farther.

Why is a soccer ball harder to kick in cold weath er?

This is because the air is more compressed and is a lot denser when you kick it.

What can you put in a soccer ball so that it can fly higther when you kick it?

More air

Can a soccer goalie kick the ball and score more than once in the same game?

Yes a goalkeeper can kick the ball and score more then one goal into the other net. And he can score from corner kicks as well.

Does the length of your leg determine how far you can kick a soccer ball?

No, its more to do with technique and muscle strength

Why follow through in a soccer kick?

It makes the kick more powerful of you swing and follow through the ball will most likely go farther, if you kick it and don't follow through the ball will most likely roll slowly towards wherever you want it to go.

What type of kick is taken when there is a handball?

A free kick. Or more specifically an indirect kick. However if it was in the penalty area (the box). You are rewarded with an PK or penalty kick. If it is in the penalty area/box, the player who touched the ball with his hand gets a card. The card depends on if the player touched the ball with his hand intentionally

Can you kick a soccer ball better with full air or more air than it is supposed to have?

i think you can kick the soccer ball better with full air better with full air, but even better with a little less

How do you kick a soccer ball far?

Always try to kick the ball with the side of your foot, this also gives you more control over the ball and where you want it to go. Kicking the ball far into the field is just a technique you have to practice, you won't be able to kick it far the first time, you just have to keep practicing. Or try to kick it with the top of your foot, the laces of your cleats or tennis shoes, whatever your wearing, hope this helps and good luck with soccer.

In what direction was the kick going if you kicked a ball forward?

In general terms, it is in whatever direction you're facing. I expect you ask because of the requirement that the ball is kicked forward on a kick-off. The definition on a kick-off is "more towards the opponent's goal line than your own."

What are the rules and regulations of volleyball game?

you cant kick the ball you have to do it witha clean serve andd more lol

Does the angle of a football affect how far you can kick it?

Yes. The physics involved are quite complex however, and change depending upon the wind, the surface the ball is being kicked off of, and the individual kicker making the kick. Generally speaking the more surface area a kicker can tough with his foot during the actual kick, the more accurate it will be, however for distance the kicker needs to place his impact on the ball at the lower-back side of the football, so that it has a "driving force" as the ball moves down the field. The more towards the center (in terms of height) that the ball is kicked, the more accurate it will be. The lower (in terms of height) the more distance it should travel. The angle at which the ball is set up or held can have enormous impact on the kicker's ability to kick the ball correctly for that desired play.

Why is the weight of football not more than the specified weight?

the weight of the football is not more than the approved weight because the player will face problem to kick the ball as the ball becomes very heavy