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Q: In the NBA if an player purposely shoots the ball in the opposing team basket does the basket count?
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What happens if a player shoots the ball under the basket but it goes in the basket threw the net?

To count, it would have to clear the basket and come back through the basket.

Do the other team get the point if a player shoots in his own basket?

Yes the other team gets the points if you score in the wrong basket.

What is it called when a player shoots the ball into the basket for 2 or 3 points?

It is called making a basket. Two points are awarded if a player makes a basket from within the three point arc... and three points are awarded if a player makes a basket from beyond the three point arc.

How does a basketball player get a 3 pointer?

he shoots a basket from three yards away making it a three pointer

What is 3point shot?

A basket made when the player shoots from behind the line drawn on the floor - 21 feet or so from the basket (different lengths for college, international and NBA courts).

How did james naismith invente basketball?

He took a peach basket and a ball and shoots the ball in the basket.

If someone shoots the ball and it hits the rim and there teammate gets the ball and shoots it and airballs does the opposing team have to clear the ball?


When a player shoots the ball in the basket for two or three points?

Foul shot(free throw)- one point per basket Field Goal- two points When you are behind the 3 point line- 3 points

Why is a player called a point guard?

A point guard is so named in the game of basketball because they are the first measure of defense. The point guard is usually the player that is closest to the opposing team. This player works defense and shoots for baskets whenever possible.

What does the shooting guard do in the basket?

he is in the wing (right side of 3 point line) and he does what the name says shoots

If a player is dribbling the ball and gets fouled then he commits a technical foul what happens?

The opposing team shoots the technical foul free throw, then the player does whatever he would have done after he was fouled - either inbound the ball, or if the opposing team is in the penalty, shoot two free throws. Committing a technical foul does not nullify or offset the original foul.

In basketball is a foul and a violation the same thing?

Generally, the answer is no. For instance, a lane violation is not a foul. When a player is shooting a free throw, the other players underneath the basket are not allowed to enter the key until that player releases (shoots) the ball. If they enter the key before the player shoots the ball, that is a lane violation, and the player will shoot another free throw (unless he made the shot). Thus, a violation is not always a foul.

In half court basketball what happens when the guard is fouled?

The player who fouled the guard get one personal foul. If the guard is in the act of shooting and misses the guard gets 2 or 3 foul shoots. If the guard makes the shot and gets fouled the guard gets 1 fouls shot. If the guard is not in the act oh shooting then his team inbounds the ball. If the opposing team is in the bonus then the guard shoots one free throw. If the opposing team is in the double bonus then the guard shoots 2 free throws.

What are the ratings and certificates for Same Player Shoots Again - 1968?

Same Player Shoots Again - 1968 is rated/received certificates of: Taiwan:GP

How does a player get credit for an assist?

A player gets credit for an assist if say player A passes the ball to player B and player B can only dribble once and shoots or just shoots and makes it then player A gets the assist.

When a player shoots the puck across both the red line and the opposing team's goal line without the puck going into the net?

Icing, unless someone on their team touches it before someone on the other team touches it.

Could you please make a sentence with the verb shoot-shot?

When he shoots the ball into the basket then Joe got shot in the head by the ball.

What is 2 point shot worth?

A 2 point shot in basketball is worth only two points. As long as the player shoots and makes the basket within the three point parameter, they are given two points for the shot.

How does a player perform a slam-dunk?

where a player shoots the ball through the hoop.

What actors and actresses appeared in Same Player Shoots Again - 1968?

The cast of Same Player Shoots Again - 1968 includes: Hanns Zischler as Man with Gun

How many seconds is an offensive player allowed to stay in lane before a lane violation is called?

You're only allowed 3 seconds in the lane otherwise the opposing team shoots 1 technical foul shot and gets the ball after.

What is fluke and give me a example sentence?

When someone does something that is nearly impossible to do and it's offten known as luck. For example some who shoots a basket ball from half way backwards or some who shoots a ball from a very tight a angle and gets in.

Player shoots air ball and then catches it what is the call?

It's a travel.

Does a basketball assist require that the player shoots the ball without dribbling?


What happens if there is a violation by opposing team and shooters team shoots a free throw and does not hit the rim?

The whistle is blown and the defending team gets to take the ball out.