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On an NFAA indoor Archery target the center, also known as the bull's eye, is worth 5 points.

On a Vegas indoor target it is worth 10 points

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Q: In target archery how many points is the most inner part of a target worth?
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How many points do you score if you hit the black ring in archery?

I'm not exactly sure, mostly because I've never been too into archery. However, look at where it is on the board, and inferance the amount of points. For example, if its in the middle, than assume its 100 points, and work from there.

What is red worth on the target in archery?

If it is a standard target the bigger circle should be 7 and the smaller red circle should be 8. Standard target has 10 circles and are worth 1-10 points going from biggest to smallest.

How many points is a bulls eye worth in archery?

It varies from target to target (sport to sport). In darts, it's 50 points (which is not the highest score a single dart can get a thrower, by the way). In most shooting sports (bullets and arrows), it's 10 points. The ring around the center or bullseye is worth 25 points in darts, and is worth 9 points in those shooting sports.

How much is a bullseye?

In Darts a bullseye is worth 50 points, in archery its worth 10 points. However, puritans of archery do not call it bullseye they refer to it as "the Gold"

How many points is the inner red circle worth on a dartboard?

50 points

What is the value of a bullseye in a dart game?

The inner bullseye is worth 50 points, the outer 25 points.

What is the scoring in archery?

The answer is 10 The answer depends upon the type of target being used. Some targets will score the bullseye as 10 (Vegas 5-Dot), others as 5 (5-Spot). It has become common place for clubs to count the inner most ring of the Vegas target as an "X" which is counted separately to break ties among archers with identical scores. So it is not unusual to hear archers call an "X-Ring" shot an 11.

What is a double bullseye in darts?

A red inner circle (usually known as "bull", "inner bull" or "double bull"), worth 50 points

What is the value of a bullseye in darts?

Fifty points is the red bull Twenty five points is the green

How do you play the sport of the bow and arrow?

The sport with the bow and arrow is called archery, just to let you know. First, you grab a arrow and grab the string of the bow, which is the curved rod with the string. Then put the arrow in a sideways position right attached to the string of the bow. Pull the arrow back, allowing the string to move over to your position. Then, aim carefully. Next, you release the arrow with the string. The arrow will move faster depending how far you pull the string towards you. The objective is to hit the target. There are different spots that are worth different points on the target. If you hit the middle of the target with your arrow, you will receive the maximum amount of points possible. Keep repeating this process until you are a pro at archery.:).

Target ring next to the bulls eye?

are you asking the name well there isn't a name. or are you asking how many points its worth if your asking that then its one less than what the bulls eye is not every bullseye is worth ten points or as some people think 100 points

How do you score a Portsmouth round in archery?

A Portsmouth round is 5 dozen arrows shot from 20 yards, at a 60cm diameter target face consisting of 10 rings and the center bull. The scoring is known as as "10 zone"; the "X" ring (or the center bull) and the ring around it are worth 10 points, with each ring after that worth 1 point less, with the outside ring having a value of 1 point.