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The Medics in ECW were a husband and wife medical team. Charlie was a Paramedic working in NJ and PA, Rosemary was a Registered Nurse working in NJ. Kathy Fitzpatrick (Paul Hayman's assistant), worked as a receptionist in the same doctor's office as Rosemary and asked if Charlie (then a Paramedic student), would work for ECW as the "Ring side Physician". Charlie of course said yes and from then on worked for ECW, later incorporating Rosemary as his partner. Both started when ECW gave out free tickets to entice people to watch and ended when ECW stopped paying the wrestlers due to financial troubles.

Today (2011), Charlie and Rosemary are divorced, Charlie is still in NJ working as a medic and Rosemary is reported to have remarried and moved down south.

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Q: In some older Extreme Championship Wrestling ECW footage I've seen there are medics dressed in costumes that read Damage Control and cart off injured wrestlers who were they?
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