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A foul can only be committed by a player, against an opponent, on the field of play, and while the ball is in play. A substitute is not a player and cannot commit a foul.

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Q: In soccer can a substitute player be given a foul?
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What do the cards in soccer mean?

In soccer a yellow card is used for a minor foul. If you get two yellow cards in one game, you are given a red card. If a red card is given the player has to leave the game and a substitute has to enter the playing field.

If a foul is committed on the field not in the penalty box what is it called in soccer?

It is a foul, and a direct free kick is given.

Can you grab a player in soccer?

No way!! That's called a foul!

In soccer what does it mean when you trip or hold another player?


What happens if a foul ball hits a player and he can no longer play?

Substitute plays in his spot.

Can foul language get you kicked out of soccer?

Foul, abusive, or threatening language is an automatic send off (red card). If it is a player, then that player may not be replaced.

Is there a soccer foul called runaway train?

There is no such foul mentioned in the laws. It does sound to be a term that could be used to describe an out-of-control player.

In basketball how long does a coach have to substitute for a player that has fouled out?

Until the referee thinks that the time has been long enough. If the coach will not substitute a player in, then the coach is hit with a technical foul.

What is a serious foul in soccer called?

Professional foul

Can another player bring up a previous foul during which was not given during snooker?

No the foul can only be given during the other players turn.

Can a defending player be in the box on a soccer punt?

yes because i was at a soccer game one day and it was a foul ball bt they exepted

What is error in soccer?

A Foul.

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