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The Goal Shooter is allowed to hold the ball for 3 seconds - as for all players with possession of the ball they must pass or shoot within or on 3 seconds - in this case is to shoot within or on 3 seconds.

If it goes beyond this, The umpire will call "held Ball" and there is a free pass awarded to the opposing team.

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Q: In netball how long can the goal shooter hold the ball for?
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What are the rules of netball?

the rules of netball are: u r not allowed 2 have the ball for more than 3 seconds u cant run with the ball you aren't allowed to block people unless you are 3 feet away from them You cannot contact your player which affects the play You can only shoot for goal within the goal circle Only the Goal Shooter and Goal Attack are allowed to shoot for goal You can catch the ball and land on your right/left foot , that is your grounded foot , you can keep that foot grounded but if you lift your foot up and put it back down you will be penalized for stepping. you cant go out of your area You cant catch the ball, drp it and retrieve it. you cant take the ball out of anyones hand

What is the scorer's job in netball?

The role of a scorer, (or shooter) is to shoot the ball at a high percentage. The scorer is usually the best shooter on the team. The shooter (or shooting guard) usually has the most points per game.

What is hold time in netball?

You are only allowed to hold the ball for 3 seconds.

What is time in netball?

You are only allowed to hold the ball for 3 seconds.

Can you hold a player of the ball in netball?

no if u do u will get told off

What are the steps taken when doing a chess pass in netball?

hold the ball up to your chess

How do you hold the ball in netball?

Firstly you get a coin or a circular object and trace around to get a fine circle and then you neatly outline the lines of thread that makes up the ball.

How can a 'goal' be scored in netball?

the ball gets passed down the court by various player and is passed to either the Goal Attack (GA) or Goal Shoot (GS) who are in the 'D'. they can then throw the ball through the net and score 1 point everytime the ball goes through. after it has gone through it is then taken back to the centre for a centre pass.

What are the vital rules for netball?

never run with the ball, hold the ball for three seconds only, never push or bump someone on purpose for this is contact.

What kind of violation is taking steps considered in netball?

If you hold the ball for 3 seconds or more you will get held up for second violation or Held Ball

What is the rules of the netball?

The basics are that there is three places on the court center court and the two goal thirds the center court is were the center circle is and that were you start the quarter or after a goal the GS (goal shooter) and GK (goal keeper) are not aloud to pass the goal third line and the the GA (goal attack) and the GD (goal defense) is aloud to go to to the other goal thirds line and then they have to stop. Center (C) is aloud to go any were but the goal circles. and last the positions are WA (wing attack) and WD ( wing defence) are aloud to go to 1 goal third the WA end and not passed the other goal line and there not aloud in the goal circle

What is WD job in netball?

WD Is very important in a game of netball because they work great when it the other teams turn for centre pass.WD and WA are the only ones who cant go in the goal circle apart from centre and because of this they come in handy to get in a better position for shooting