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Nine meters - 3 meters from the net, parallel to it is the attack line, which splits the court into two 'courts' - front court and back court, also known as front row and back row, respectively.

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Q: In indoor volleyball how far away is the end line from the net?
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Where does the serve in volleyball take place?

behind the end line

In a regulation volleyball game the sever must severer behind what line?

The end line

What is the meaning of base line in volleyball?

The base line is the end line on both sides of the court.

What are the best men's indoor volleyball shoes?

The Asics Gel Sensei is used by many top colleges. The high-end Mizuno is also very comfortable and provides excellent support.

What is the distance from where you shoot on a volleyball court to the net?

The standard volleyball court is 30 ft wide so the poles need to be 36 ft apart. This gives you 3 ft on each side of the court for clearance before you run into the poles.

When and where in volleyball does the libero go in?

the libero goes in to play in the back row usually for the middle hitters. They go in between the ten foot line and the end line.

When serving a player must have both feet behind the end line?

It depends what sport you are playing. I know that if you are playing volleyball you have to be behind the serving line which is close to the end line. In badminton you have to be behind the service line also which is usually closer to half court

What is an end-line in volleyball?

The endline is the boundry line in which each goal sits on.... the sideline are the lines that run across the side in which throw ins are used... the endline ends up witha goal kick or a corner

What happened to Wilson the volleyball in the movie 'Cast Away'?

The volleyball fell off the raft and floated away out to sea, but Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) tried to get it back by swimming over to it. Then the volleyball floated too far away from the raft and Chuck would have drowned. So he had to forget about it and swim back to the raft. He gets another volleyball at the end as one is seen in his car while he is driving when making a delivery on his first day back to work.

Circumference of volleyball?

A Volleyball is 8.5 inches in diameter. A volleyball court consists of two sides, each 9m x 9m. There is a Line 3m from the net on each side know as the 3m line (also known as the attack line, or the 10ft line). There must be a minimum of 6ft on either either end of the court, outside the lines, for serving.

When did Major League Volleyball end?

Major League Volleyball ended in 1989.

How big is the 18 yard line?

if you mean how far away form the end line is the 18 yard line, it is 18 yards from the end line! sort of self explanatory really!