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Any shot (of the puck) that has a reasonable chance of crossing the goal line.

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Q: In ice hockey what is a chance on goal?
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What is a chance in hockey?

a chance, or scoring chance in ice hockey is the same as a shot on goal. A chance is recorded each time the puck is moving in line where it would go into the net if nothing blocked it. If a shot is blocked by any means but woul dnot have gone into the goal if it were not stopped, this does not count as a chance.

What is the difference between shots on goal vs scoring chances in ice hockey?

A scoring chance is when u had or have a chance to put the puck in the net and a shot on goal says it all its just shooting at the goal.

How long and wide is a ice hockey goal?

A hockey goal is 4x6 feet

What is gt in ice hockey?

goal tending

How is a goal accomplished in ice hockey?

You rap it in!

Which travels fastest to the goal on ice a hockey puck or a hockey ball?

the puck.

What does EAG mean in hockey?

EAG is an extra attacker goal in ice hockey.

How wide is the goal?

The answer depends on the sport. An ice hockey goal, for example, is not as wide as a soccer goal.

How big is a regulation size ice hockey goal in inches?

A regulation size ice hockey net in 72" by 48".

Ice hockey goal line colour?


What is the shape of an ice hockey goal?

rectangular prisim

What is the 3 letter word for a hockey goal?


How is an ice hockey game re-started after a goal is scored?

After a goal is scored, the teams face-off at centre ice.

How wide and high are the netted goals in ice hockey?

A hockey goal is 6' x 4' .

How is ice hockey played?

Ice hockey is a game made on ice rink for to teams of six. Their main goal is to hit the puck with the hockey stick into the opposing teams net without them getting in their way.

What does - mean in ice hockey statistics?

The minus sign in hockey means that a player was on the ice when a goal was scored against his/her team. Golies do not receive a +/- rating.

How big is the goal for ice hockey?

6 foot by 4 foot

If a hockey player involuntarily plays on the ice with his or her shoes on does the goal count?


What is defense in ice hockey?

The act of defending your zone, goal and teammates.

Who scored the winning goal in the olympic for ice hockey?

Sidney Crosby

How big is the ice hockey goal?

6 foot by 4 foot

How wide is the average ice hockey goal?

The size for an ice hockey goal can vary slightly but there are standards that are set by the NHL. According to the NHL standards the opening of the goal should be 72 inches wide, 48 inches tall and 44 inches deep.

Is hockey the same as ice hockey?

Not exactly. Ice hockey is a version of hockey played on ice. There are several different types of hockey, including Field Hockey, Roller Hockey, and Street Hockey. The basic premise of the game is the same (two teams playing each other, trying to propel a ball or puck in the opponent goal) but each game has different rules. In North America, "hockey" refers to ice hockey. Elsewhere in the world, "hockey" generally refers to field hockey.

What is the main goal of ice hockey?

To put the puck in the OPPOSING TEAMS net.

Why do people fight in ice hockey?

People fight in ice hockey because they want the puck and when they try to stop someone from getting a goal they might punch them or push them