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Yes. You must take-off from one foot.

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Q: In high jump is it illegal to jump off of two feet?
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Can you take off with two feet in the high jump?

No it's considered illegal you have to jump off with one foot.

Are you allowed to jump with two feet in high jump?

U hav to jump off from 1 foot, then u can join them

How high can a rabbit jump off?

it depends upon the ground softness but if it were to jump onto the ground about 2 and a half feet in the air and you're welcome

How do you jump 1000 feet in high jump on Kirby Air Ride?

In Kirby Air Ride, the only machine that can jump 1000 feet in the high jump competition without obtaining power-up items during city trial is the wheelie scooter. Hold the joy stick up when lifting off, and you will fly high. After City Trial mode, many machines can jump 1000 feet, especially if you have 18 top speeds and glides.

How high can a meerkat jump?

yer they can jump but i don't not how high they can jump though. they lonely jump to worn off their enemies

How high does a Siberian husky jump?

Most jumo about 30 feet off the ground but a few have been known to jum about 100 feet off the ground.. Using a

Is it possible to jump off the moon in outer space?

If you jump really high then yes it is possible to jump off the moon!

Where can you bungee jump in New Jersey?

there is a bungee jumpng location in point pleasant and you jump off a diving board in a pool and the board is 7 feet high and the cord is 20 feet so u cant die

Is it illegal to jump off a bridge?

It depends on local legislation, but it is seldom illegal to actually jump. After all if you did jump it may be very difficult to prosecute. The offence would be something such as causing a disturbance or obstruction if you survived.

What is high jump?

High jump is a competition where athletes attempt to jump over a fiberglass bar off of one foot and land on a mat.

How can you sprain your ankle?

Jump off a high surface area, down to a low area.jump off a high surface to a low surface

What are the release dates for Zane's the Jump Off - 2013 Illegal Motion 1-5?

Zane's the Jump Off - 2013 Illegal Motion 1-5 was released on: USA: 26 April 2013

Why is base jumping illegal?

first off base jumping is not illegal. lol you have to be a pre designated base jump area. some citys will allow you to jump off there tall buildings depending on weather location and ability/skill. so its not illegal. just in most places it is

Is it illegal to build a hot air balloon in your backyard?

If you have children, it should be illegal to have a balloon ready to jump into and take off.

How long is a high jumper off the ground?

it depends on how high he can jump.

What is the highest known jump off the ground?

3 feet

How do you do a frontflip?

you have to take a bit of a run then you jump off one foot and land on two feet and raise your arms then jump off both feet and swing your arms to grab your knees and tuck.

What is a foul in high jump?

A foul in high jump is when you knock the bar off the standard or if you touch anything under the bar.

How do you jump off a cliff and live?

You cant, if it is over 80 feet

How do people jump?

they use their legs and feet and then they push off the ground

How do you accelerate higher in high jump?

Swing your arms up as you jump. Do pylometric excersises as well.And jump off 1 leg

Facilities of high jump long jump tripple jump are?

Triple jump and long jump competitions are often conducted with the same track and landing pit. Take off lines are marked on the track to indicate the separate starting points. High jump requires a landing mat, uprights, crossbars, and a running and take-off area.

How high do you have to be to jump off a plane?

you have to smock alot of weed

What sport do you have to jump off a high board?


How high do olympic ski jumpers jump off the ground?

The distance that ski jumpers jump is measured instead of how high they jump. At most Olympic events, they fly for about 100 meters.