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Since the pitcher's plate, or rubber, is in fair territory, it is a fair ground ball. However, if the ball subsequently goes into foul territory inside 1st or 3rd base before being touched by a player or umpire and comes to rest in foul territory, or is touched while in foul territory, it is a foul ball.

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Home plate is in fair territory so the ball would be a fair ball.

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Q: In fastpitch softball if the batted ball hit the plate and stays fair is it a fair ball or a dead ball?
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If ball hits home plate and stays is it deadball in softball?


Can a base umpire make a call on a ball hitting the batter in the box without an appeal from the plate umpire?

What help would be needed? In fastpitch softball it is legal to hit a pitch that touchs the ground 1st. In slo-pitch, then the ruling should be a foul ball. ---- It is also completely legal in MLB and little league baseball as well. In USSSA softball, if a pitched ball strikes the ground before crossing home plate not only can the batter legally hit the ball, but any runners on base may immediately leave their base and run toward the next base. If the batter does not swing and hit the ball, it is called a ball and the runners must return to their bases.

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If a ball is hit and bounces on home plate is it a fair ball is it stays fair?

It would be a fair ball.

Is home plat in fair or foul territory?

Home plate is foul territory unless the ball rolls in front of the plate and stays fair. If the ball bounces off the plate and strikes the batter; it's a dead ball.

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