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The most popular size is 12 inches because once you go into 12U, it stays at the same size.

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A 10 inch softball is used for little league but in 12u you change to a 12 inch softball.

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Q: What was the most popular size in softball in inches?
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The most popular size softball in inches?

11 inch = girls 10 and under 12 inch = girls 10+ 16 inch = anyone ( boys and girls )

What regulation size softball is for 6th graders?

around the softball is 12 inches

What is the size of the catcher's box in softball?

it is 60 inches

What is the size of a base in softball?

15 inches square

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What is the youth size softball?

beginner 11 inches intermediate/ advanced/ elite 12 inch

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What have people learned about a soft softball or a hardball softball?

A soft softball is made out of foam and never actually used in a real game of softball. If it is ever used, it is probably used in PE. or in a game that is just for fun. A hard softball is used in a real game of softball. A certified softball is a lime green sort of color and comes in a variety of sizes. The smallest size is 10 inches around, another is 11 inches around, and the biggest (and the one used for college softball and the Olympic team) is 12 inches around. Most of the time you would use the smaller sized softballs in a little league and a s the kids got older, the size of the ball gets bigger. The string that hold the ball together is red, just like a baseball. Softballs weigh about 175-178 grams. It's density is 15.5 to 16.5 per square inch.

What sports ball is 3.5 inches in diameter?

That is a woman's size Canadian Slo-pitch ball.