Best Answer name for this pitch is a Chinese change up.

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Q: In fastpitch softball can you release the ball before the arm goes around?
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Related questions

In Fastpitch Softball how many trips to the mound can a coach make in a game before the pitcher is pulled?

As many as the coach lets i think the most that should a pitcher walk in an inning is 4 before she gets pulled out

Can you steal a base in fastpitch softball?

Yes. You can steal but you may not leave the base until the ball leaves the pitcher's hand as it is pitched. If you leave before the ball leaves the pitcher's hand you will be called out.

How do you steal a base in fastpitch softball?

In fastpitch softball you can either do a straight steal or a delayed steal. A straight steal is when you take off running for the next base as soon as the pitcher releases the ball. A delayed steal is when you lead off the base like you would any other pitch, but a little farther. When the catch throws the ball back to the pitcher you take off running to the next base. This is successful because it confuses the defense, especially if they are not paying attention to you. A lot of times you can steal a base using a delayed steal without them even getting the chance to throw the ball before you get to the base.

Did the white softball come before a yellow softball?


What are some softball tricks?

there is a trick pitch which is when you let go of the ball before you swing your arm around the second time(;

What kind of food should you eat before softball?

Before softball you should eat fibre, fruits and cereal and low fat food

What are some rules of fastpitch softball?

There are a lot of rules to softball but you said a few so I will name some of them. ONE:If there is a throw down to second base then the second basemen has to tag the runner and not simply touch the bag with her foot . TWO:If the ball is hit into a pop fyly ball and if the ball is caught and if there is a runner that ran to the next base then the runner has to tag back up on the bag that they came from before they can go to the next base. THREE:If the batter is batting in the box and the catcher is in the way of the batter and interfears with the hit then the batter gets to go to first base. There you go. Three rules about softball.

Are there any famous quotes related to the sport of softball?

Aside from the basic "softball is for girls," not really. This is mainly due to the fact that baseball overshadows softball since it came before softball.

What is a softball made of?

Good quality baseballs and softballs are made completely differently. Inexpensive softballs are made of a cork and rubber mixture and a vinyl or other synthetic cover, then stitched with yarn. The vast majority of softballs, both slowpitch and fastpitch, are made of a solid polyurethane core and a leather cover stitched with nylon thread. The cover on better softballs is glued to the core before stitching. A fastpitch softball has raised seams and a slowpitch softball has flat seams. The core is the ball itself, not to be confused with COR, which stands for Coefficient of Restitution. Softballs are measure by two variables - COR and Compression. The higher of either number the harder the ball. The compression is simply the pounds per square inch required to compress the ball 1/4". The COR is the speed in which the ball goes from the compressed state back to its original round state (rebound).

What was softball called before?

indoor baseball

What was softball named before it became softball?

Visit this site for the history of softball:

Are there official guidelines for softball tryouts in high school sports?

The softball season officially begins February 1st. You cannot practice or hold try-outs before this time. You can condition before this date, but you are not to handle any softball gear such as bats, gloves, or softballs.

How is science used in softball?

in softball we use gravity. it is a matter of time before the ball hits the ground which has to do with gravity. same thing when u throw it. if u throw to weakly, it might hit the ground before the person ur throwing to gets it! that is how science is used in softball

Is batbusters a softball team?

Yes, Batbusters is a softball team. They are very skilled, and I know because I have played them before. They are from Orange County, California.

What should you drink before a softball game?

Beer. What else?

How many softball batters are out before the whole team is out?


What education needed for coaching softball?

There is no education required to be a softball coach. My mom was going to be my softball coach at St. Andrews Park and all they did was a background check to make sure that she didn't abuse children, and my mom doesn't abuse children at all. She passed the background check and was my softball coach for the season. There is not really a education required. If you have played softball when you were younger and now want to teach (coach) softball you know what to do and how to do it. If you didn't know about softball then you would want to find out more about softball before you become a coach.

When was George Hancock inventor of softball born?

George Hancock was born on March 6, 1906. How? softball was invented in 1887! he had to of been born before that??

Is softball as challenging as baseball?

No, softball is about the same as baseball. Softball players use bigger balls; then baseball, to give more speed and curve to the ball. Under hand is a more natural way to throw, but because of the size of the ball softball is the same as baseball. SoftballFastpitch softball is very challenging, pitches may be slower ( 75 mph is about the max) but they are throwing from 40 feet which translates to over 100 mph in baseball. The bases are closer so stealing is common. Yes, because the pitcher has to do a perfect windup, perfect snap, perfect release point, and perfect placement for her pitch to be a strike. Also, the mound is farther awayin softball than in baseball. The balls are bigger and heavier, so they do not go as far when hit as baseballs do. The bases are closer together, which make stealing common, and you have to throw the ball really fast and accurately to get the runner out before she touches the plate. So yes, I would say it is more challenging. Softball softball may seem very similar to baseball at a young age but as you get into high school level and beyond its a lot different. It wouldn't be right to say that either baseball or softball are more or less challenging then the other. That would be like asking is swimming as challening as football, there just isn't a comparison. i know bc i live in a family with 4 baseball players who always try to tell me softball is easy and its not but i know they couldn't play softball very well at my level and i know that i wouldn't be able to take their spot on the baseball team. I do want to clear one thing up though, just bc we use a bigger and brighter ball does not mean its any easier!

How many softball batters must be out before the team is out?

3 must be out

How many softball batters must get out before the whole team is out?


Why did baseball become more popular than softball?

because guys like to watch other guys play and guys think its more interesting to watch a males game than a girls game...... maybe they think because theres more action? Also, baseball has been around longer than softball and there was major league baseball for 15 years or so before softball was invented.

In softball if at any time a base runner leaves the base can they be tagged out?

yes they can I play High school softball and you can get but if you leave the base before the pitcher releases the ball you are out

What do you wear for softball tryouts?

Your past softball stuff that you wore when you played in rec or in travel if you havent before i suggest you dont even tryout your waisting the coaches time

What is the best softball to use?

If you are training, I recommend you use a soft softball, to reduce the injury a leather softball could cause before a match. Usually, the hard softballs are white, while the soft ones are brown. But in a match, you can use whatever you prefer.