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3 must be out

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Q: How many softball batters must be out before the team is out?
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How many Softball batters must be out before the whole team is out?

3 must be out

How many softball batters must get out before the whole team is out?


How many softball batters must be out before the team is all out?

only 3 must be out

How many softball battersmust be out before the team is all out?

Three batters must be out before their batting part of the inning is over. They get three more outs in the next inning. by monica

How many baseball batters must be out before the whole team is out?

Three batters must be out in an inning to switch to playing in the field

How many softballs batters must be out before the he team is all out?

Do you mean how many batters are out in an inning before the teams switch offense and defense? Because the answer to that is three, same as baseball. :)

How many innings must be played before a rain cancellation to make a complete softball game?

4 innings are considered a complete game.

How many points for a win in softball?

you must score more points than the opposing team to win a softball game.

What is the 3 main rules in softball?

The three main rules of softball include all batters must wear a helmet, no jewelry allowed except for medical bracelets, and a player's foot must remain on the bag until the pitcher has released the ball when stealing. Batting order needs to be followed throughout the game.

How many innings must be played in NFHS softball to be considered a legal game?


How many outs must the defense get in order to switch to offense in softball?

3 outs

How many softballs batters must be out beis all out?


How do you get points in a softball game?

In softball, points are referred to as runs. To get a run, a batter must successfully make it the whole way around the bases back to home plate. This can be accomplished by hitting a homerun, stealing bases, or having other batters hit the ball while you are on a base.

What is a batters box in softball?

It is two 7 feet by 3 feet boxes (one on each side of home plate) that the batter must stand in to attempt to hit a pitched ball.

How do you score in a softball game?

To score in a softball game, you must touch all four bases safely. The defense tried to get you out through touching you before you get to the base or by tagging the base before you reach it. To get on base you can get a hit, walk, or get hit by a pitch, among other things.

How many outs must the the defence in softball get to end the half inning?

3 outs must be made defensively for a half inning to come to an end

What do you have to do to become a college softball player?

You must have atleast a C average in your corses, and you need to be good softball player.

Does matty b like softball?

Of course! Everyone loves softball so matty b must love it too :)

How do you be the best softball player?

You have to have alot of talent and heart and you must love softball and you must practice and practice and want to get better and you must listen to your coaches and you must really really want it and well you must be a awesome hitter punter and slapper and you must know how to play more then one position and be great at them and you must just love it

What college courses do you need to get to be a pro softball player?

To be a pro softball player you must have good grades ! I advice you to study your notes .

How do you get into softball?

You must try out for the team you would like to play for.

What is baseball and softball?

Baseball and softball are typically the same except baseball is usually played by boys, and softball is typically played with girls. The object of the game is to get as many points as possible. To get a point you must run around the bases once without being called out. You get out if someone catches or tags you with a ball.

How much does a 12 inch softball weigh?

The standard softball must weigh at least 6.25 oz and no more than 7 oz.

How many pitching options does a pitcher have when playing softball?

they must pitch the ball underhand, and drag their foot after they push off of the mound

Is there a limit to the number of times a pitcher can hit batters before he must be removed from the game in Little League?

NO. The limit will be determined by the coach.