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Q: In chess which side always moves first?
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Which side moves first in a game of chess?

The white side moves first.

Why does the white side of the board move first in the game of chess?

In 1889 , Wilhelm Steinitz who was the 1st World Chess Champion wrote that in all international and public Chess matches/tournaments it is the rule for the first player to have the white side and the first move . Since then white always starts the game .

What is a knight in chess?

The chess knight looks like a horse. It moves ahead 2 and 1 to the side, or ahead 1 and 2 to the side. It can also move back 2 and 1 to the side or back 1 and 2 to the side.

Which side always moves first?

In an official game of chess, the pieces are coloured black and white. White moves first, and his pieces occupy ranks 1 and 2, with the white queen on a white square to the left of the white king. If the pieces are unusual colours (red and black is common, as are novelty shaped pieces that represent TV characters) then set up the pieces as normal, with the queens opposite each other, and whoever's queen is on the left side of their king moves first.

How many options does each side have in the beginning of a chess game?

The only pieces that can make the first move in a chess game are the pawns and knights. Therefore, each side has 12 moves available. These are one possible for each of the eight pawns, and two each for both knights.

How many spaces can the king move when castling in chess?

He moves two spaces if castling on his own side, and three if castling on the queen's side.

How many moves after one piece left in chess?

It doesn't mater if there is one piece on each side of it I king and king whoever captures the other king first so it doesn't mater

How do you make checkmates in 14 steps in chess?

Checkmating someone in chess depends on your opponents moves as well as your own. There are far to many combinations of moves available to give you a step by step guide in 14 moves. The minimal amount of moves I know how to make a checkmate is 4 moves using your queen and right side bishop & the single pawn blocking both of their paths.

What does the first vertebra pivot around when head moves side to side?


Can you exchange the position of the tower and the king in chess at certain moments?

Not quite, you're probably thinking about 'castling'. If neither the king nor the rook have been moved, and, the intervening pieces have moved out of the way, then the king and rook my castle, either on his side or the queen's side. He moves two squares on his own side and the rook moves two, passing over him. Or he moves three to the queen's side, and that rook moves two.

How do you play chess and how to play checkers?

for information about chess, go to on the top, you should see learn, so click on it, and you should see rules and basics.checkers: pieces moves diagonally. when you get to the other side of the board, you get your piece gets to be a king.

Who starts in a game of chess the black pieces or the white pieces?

The white team starts first. You might flip a coin to decide who will get white.The white side according to the rules of chess starts first ; white has the first move .

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