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your own basket

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Q: In basketball are you scoring into the opponents basket or your own basket?
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What happens when an Nba player intentionally scoring on his own basket?

Well, you said that "intentionally scoring on his own basket", they will have the points because in the basketball. You should shoot in your own basket to get a points.

What happens if you score in your own basket in basketball?

Yes, it counts as a point for the other team if you score in your own basket. It has happened a few times recently in college basketball.

What is defense in basketball?

Defense in basketball is when a team is on their own side of the court defending their basket, so that the other team does not score on them.

Why is basketball good for you?

Basketball is good for you because you run up and down a court trying to score in the basket and trying to get around 5 defenders and sometimes your own teammates. Then after you make the basket, or you miss and the other team gets the rebound, you have to play defense and prevent the other team from scoring. You can also steal the ball and go on a fastbreak, and then you are going as fast as you possibly can to keep the defense away from catching you and blocking your shot.

If you throw a basketball in your own hoop does the other team get the point?

Yes... though usually it occurs during rebounding... as opposed to an intentional heave at the wrong basket.

Are free throws taken at your own basket?

No, they are taken at the other team's basket.

In racquetball scoring do you need to win by 2 points in a set?

To win in racquetball you must only reach the score 11 (in tournaments) or 15 (in casual play) to win the game. It does not matter how close your opponents score is to your own.

Was James Naismith's invention the basketball game a original idea or based on a different idea?

According to what I read about it he came up with the idea on his own because he wanted a game that could be played inside when it was too cold out to play. The first basket was a peach basket.

Is there a Fruits Basket movie?

I believe not... if there were I would own it ^_^

What happened to Andres Escobar?

He was killed after scoring an "own goal" on his own team in a FIFA World Cup.

When there's no scoring rubrics yet what did you use?

When there are no scoring rubrics available you can use many other assessment tools. You can also make your own rubric.

What is the Olympic points scoring system?

Each Olympic event has its own scoring system. Gymnastics are based on one to ten system that is determine by the judges.

What does a central defender do?

they defend their own goal to prevent the other team from scoring.

What was paul Robinson famous for?

paul robinson is famous for scoring in his own half

Do the other team get the point if a player shoots in his own basket?

Yes the other team gets the points if you score in the wrong basket.

Bolshevik opponents come to be called?

The Bolsheviks' opponents within their own political party, the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party, were called Mensheviks.

Napoleon Bonaparte's strengths?

Making his opponents scared. He was a quick student on the battlefield who was capable of reading his opponents intentions and shifting his own troop movements to counter them.

What basketball team does Kanye own?

He doesn't.

Does Usher own any basketball team?


Which sport takes a lot more work basketball or wrestling?

Wrestling because basketball is a sport that you can pretty much do on your own time and learn it. In order to get a permission to officially wrestle, you need to go through the training. There's no risk of harming your opponents in basketball as there is in wrestling so it must be done a lot more carefully even though it seems otherwise from the outside of the ring.

What is a bawdy basket in Tudor times?

A bawdy basket was a women who carried a basket around filled with clothes, and when she found any cloths out to dry, she would take them and put them in her basket. If anyone saw her, she would claim the clothes were her own, and carry on walking.

What is a board game in which players try to transfer their pieces from their own to their opponents bases?


Where can one get a soup gift basket?

One can easily make their own soup gift basket. One would simply need to purchase a large basket, some cans of soup, and other fillers such as crackers, then wrap the basket with cellophane to keep everything inside.

What is the scoring system of scrabble?

The scoring system for scrabble is the way the gamer form the word at the board. The tiles has its own corresponding numbers which will be counted as point, then, counting the total numbers.

Which England footballer was recently credited with scoring 2000 goal for his team?

it was deemed an own goal