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A runner must be tagged to be Out if he is not forced to advance as a result of the batter putting the ball into play.

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Q: In baseball when a basemen has to tag the runner?
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In baseball can the first basemen get in the way of the runner?

Only if he is intending to tag the runner instead of stepping on the first base bag.Answer:It depends on the situation. A defender cannot block a runners path just to be doing it, however if a defender is making a play on a batted ball then the defender has the right to field the ball and if the runner makes contact with him even if he is in the baseline the runner can be called out (more then likely will be called out for runner interference). If the defender is making a play on a thrown ball or a tag then if the 1 basemen "gets in the way" of the runner there is nothing illegal there either.

Do you have to tag the runner in baseball if you through from home plate to first base?


If play is not a force out what must a fielder do?

he must tag the runner with the baseball

There is a runner at 1st and 2nd base the batter hits the ball the SS fields the ball and throws it to the 3rd basemen who does not tag the player but instead touches the base with his foot Out?

Out. Force play.

Does a runner have to tag up to advance if an outfielder juggles the flyball?

Once the ball is first touched on the fly by a player, runners can begin to advance. For example, if a line drive caroms off the glove of the second basemen and flies out to the right fielder who catches it on the fly, runners would only have to tag up until the ball hit the second basemen's glove.

What is a hold in baseball?

Where the pitcher and the basemen hold the runner on base either by changing up his pitch delivery and speed or by attempting a pick off move

Where is second basemen supposed to throw ball to One out with man on third the ball is hit to second basemen an the runner on third gos for home what should second basemen do?

he should thorw it to home.

When in baseball do the fielders need to tag the runner out?

Not always. If a fielder is in possession of the ball AND in physical contact to a base that a base runner must run, then that base runner is out.

Do you need to tag both base and runner for out?

no, you can tag the runner to get him out or on a play where the runner is forced to run you can step on the base he is running to.

Batter hits ground ball to 2nd basemen 2nd basemen throws to 1st basemen The first basemen catches the ball with bare hand and tags the Runner with Glove before he reaches 1st base What is the call?

he or she is safe the ball must be in the glove

Can a first basemen interfere with a runner if play is at first base?

Yes a first baseman can interfere with a runner if the play is at first base

Why did Alexander cartwright invent baseball?

He made the game less violent fielders could not tag a runner by throwing the ball at him. Instead, the fielder had to throw the ball to another player, who would tag the runner or touch the base.