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Q: In badminton If you have a score of 8 then you would serve from which side?
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What side do you serve from if you have a even number in badminton?

The right side

What is ment by a side out in badminton?

when it's your serve, you serve from the left if your score is odd and from the right if even. So it will start on the right and the first person to get the first point will then serve on the left because they have got one.

If the score is 30 All you would serve from which side?


What is serve in badminton?

a serve is were you use a variety of techniques to get the shuttle to the other side.

When does the server alternates courts in Badminton?

The server switches boxes on his or her side of the court, only after they score during their serve, after a game is complete and when one side reaches 8 points in a third game.

Why you must start with the right hand side of the badminton court?

You need to start on the right side of the badminton court because in your first serve, you are serving evens. (0) For evens (0,2,4,6,8) you stand on the right side of the court to serve and for odds (1,3,5,7,9) you stand on the left side of the court to serve.

Who must say the score in volleyball?

In the absence of a referee or score keepers on the side, typically the person serving the ball would call out the score before they serve.

What does ace mean in Badminton?

An "ace" happens on a serve where you hit the birdie to the opponents side and they miss. This is an "ace".

Why do you have to swap sides when serving badminton?

To make the match fair. If one player had the side with no sun they would have the predominate advantage.

When play badminton in singles play if your score is even what side of the court do you serve from?

If it is an even number, (which, in the beginning, it will be,) you serve from the right. If it is an odd number, you serve from the left. The same person keeps serving until they break their rally.

Who can make points in badminton?

The Server

What does on serve in tennis mean?

A serve in tennis is when you have the ball to start a game. For instance, the score is 3-4 games, you with 3 games won, and it is your turn to serve. A serve is when you hit the ball on the opposite side of the court in the square. Example: Standing on the right side to serve, you hit it in the square on the left side.