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no its cheating because some pucs can not fit and its the golies place

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Q: In air hockey can you put the mallet in front of the goal?
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Air Hockey - Do you get the score when opponent accidentally hits in the puck in their goal?

yes you get the goal

What are the features of an air hockey table?

A good air hockey table has a large smooth playing surface. It is surrounded by a rail that prevents the puck and mallet from leaving the table. Slots on both ends of the table serve as goals.

What is the difference between air hockey and push hockey?

Push hockey does not have air like air hockey does

What are the things you hit the puck with in air hockey?

you need 2 sticks and then you have to hit it in the other players goal. (it is a 2 player game)

What is a good hockey goal celebration that is unique?

Why even ask this question? This is hockey, not football. Just put your stick in the air and let the goalie dig the puck out of the back of the net, already!

What is the password for air hockey?

did you try "air hockey"?

When was Air hockey created?

Air hockey was created in 1972.

Was jesus good at air hockey?

Please do not be silly , there was no air hockey then.

Why is air hockey called air hockey?

The table is set up like a hockey rink and air comes from the bottom to help the disk move faster.

What is an air gait in lacrosse?

An Air Gait is a lacrosse move that involves coming from behind the goal and jumping through the air, and dunking the ball into the goal. The Air Gait was first attempted by in 1988, by Gary Gait, world famous lacrosse player, in front of a crowd of over 11,500 people.

What game the puck is used?

a puck

what size air hockey table should I buy?

The best size air hockey table would depend on the size of space you have for it. I am including a couple of sites for you to check out this site talks about all you need to know. This site is reviews of air hockey tables