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Q: In Twenty-20 cricket World Cup finals India defeated in which team?
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Winner 2007 twenty20 cricket?


Which country introduced the Twenty20 version of cricket?


When did twenty20 cricket start?

Twenty20 cricket was originally introduced in the United Kingdom for professional inter-county competition by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), in 2003. The inaugural World Twenty20 was played in South Africa in 2007 with India defeating Pakistan in the final.

How many times has India reached in the finals of ODI Cricket World Cup?

India has reached in the finals of ODI Cricket World Cup thrice; 1983, 2003 and 2011 and won the finals of 1983 and 2011.

Who won Events of twenty20 cricket world cup in 2007?

India won the T20 world cup in 2007.

Who did Australia beat in their 4 cricket world cup finals?


Who is the world champion in t 20 20 cricket?

India won the inaugral World Twenty20 World Cup in 2007

How does this seasons British cricket teams compare to India?

According to the ICC rankings, England is ahead of India in the ICC Test Championship with a rating of 114 to India's 112. In both the ICC ODI Championship and ICC Twenty20 Championship, India is ahead of of the British cricket team with a rating of 119 in each championship. England is slightly behind with 117 in the ODI and 118 in the Twenty20.

How many teams are participating in icc t20 worldcup 2014?

The 2014 ICC World Twenty20 was the fifth ICC World Twenty20 competition, an international Twenty20 cricket tournament, and it was hosted in Banglaesh and Sri lanka won it by 6 wickets aganst India and 10 teams participated in this

Is the IPL the same as Twenty20 cricket?

No, They Are DifferentT20 is a format of cricket, whereas the IPL is a tournament that uses this format of cricket. Twenty20 cricket is a format of cricket where each team gets to play 20 overs each. It is just regular cricket, with the match being of a different duration, viz., a test match is played over 5 days, whereas One Day Cricket involves a match of 50 overs per side. And similarly, T20 involves playing 20 overs each.IPL stands for the Indian Premier League, which is a Tournament conducted by BCCI in India. It is a cricket tournament that uses the Twenty20 cricket format.

Where will the world cup cricket finals 2011 be hosted?

Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and India.

Who did India defeat in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Finals?

sri lanka