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Yes, this is allowed under no penalty. Even if you knock the ball off the tee accidentally with your club there is no penalty, it can simply be replaced on the tee.

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2009-03-24 05:55:06
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Q: If your golf ball falls off the tee can you replace it without a penalty?
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If you golf ball falls off the tee when you go to hit it can you replace it without a penalty?


If someone moves your ball in golf?

If another player plays your ball, they receive a two shot penalty and you then replace your ball as near as possible to where it was before they played it. If someone walks past or an animal etc moves it, you simply replace it without penalty, where possible you must get the original ball, if you can not get the original ball, you may replace it with a new one.

Can you move an obstruction such as a Styrofoam cup if your ball is lying against it without penalty?

Yes, if you move it without moving the ball. If you move the cup and the ball, then it's a penalty.

If youre lining up your tee shot and accidentally touch the ball and it falls?

If it is the tee shot and this happens, there is no penalty and you can simply replace the ball, and you are still hitting your first shot. If it is a putt or pitch or an approach and you hit the ball accidentally there is a one shot penalty and the ball must be replaced. If it is not replaced and you finish out the hole you will be disqualified for not replacing the ball.

What happens if you hit a ball on the green with your putter by accident and the ball does not move?

There is no penalty if the ball doesn't move, but that seems highly unlikely. If the ball does move you should replace the ball and receive a one stroke penalty.

Accidentally striking a ball when lining up a putt?

If when lining up your putt, you have a marker down and you strike the ball, there is no penalty. However in any other circumstance where you or you caddy strike the golf ball the following applies. If you hit your ball accidentally you receive a one shot penalty, and the ball must replace the ball to it's original position. If you do not replace it, and tee off on the next hole without correcting your mistake, you will be disqualified.

If at a penalty kick in rugby the ball bounces before going over the posts would this count a sucssessful kick at goal?

No its fail as a kick. However, if the ball is placed by the kicker and when the run up starts the ball falls over the kicker cannot replace the ball the must play it from that point - It would normally be drop kicked over to complete the penalty kick.

Is it a penalty for a defensive back to raise his hands in the air without looking at the ball?

yes it is a penalty if it is in the box 18

Are you allowed to hit your opponents ball while putting in match play without penalty?

Only if you were off the green when your ball hit your opponents ball. If you were on the green and you hit their ball then in matchplay the penalty is loss of the hole.

Do you incur a penalty if an animal moves your ball during a golf game?

No, there is no penalty. What you do is replace the ball as close as possible to where it was before it was moved. If the animal runs away with the ball and you cannot get it you simply use another ball, but you must declare this to your playing partners.

What do you do if you hit the ball on a practice swing?

There are two different answers, if the ball is not in play there is no penalty, and you can replace it. If the ball is in play there is a one shot penalty and you must replace the ball to it's original position, failure to do so results in a two shot penalty in stroke play or loss of hole in matchplay. What determines if the ball is in play? The ball is in play once a stroke has been made hitting the ball, so essentially on each hole, once you've hit the ball off the teeing ground, the ball is in play.

Is there a penalty for accidentally knocking your ball off the tee while teeing off?

You've caused the ball to move while in play, without taking a stroke. There is a penalty of one stroke, and the ball is replaced.

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