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No, once a player has been placed in the batting order they stay in that position regardless of what defensive position they may play or be moved to.

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Q: If you switch positions does the batting order change?
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What happen when there is one batter left?

After all batting positions have batted one time through the lineup, you go through every batting position another time. For example, after the 9th batting position has hit, the first batting position comes to bat again, followed by the rest of the batting positions in order.

Why make the double switch in baseball?

The double switch is generally made to change the batting order. If the pitchers spot is due up the next inning switching two players allows the manager to decide which of the two will bat in the pitchers spot.

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The # 7 hitter. The actual person is determined by the manager when he makes out his batting order. That person can be any of the 9 positions on the field.

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