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The # 7 hitter. The actual person is determined by the manager when he makes out his batting order. That person can be any of the 9 positions on the field.

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Q: Who bats before the number 8 hitter in baseball game?
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What is the golden sombrero in baseball?

The golden sombrero is when a hitter strikes out in four straight at-bats.

Which player bats instead of the pitcher in American League baseball games?

Designate hitter(DH)

How many more at bats does the number 3 hitter in a line up get vs the number 4 hitter in the same line up?

It depends on the number of hitters in the line-up and on the strength of the entire line-up.

DH mean in baseball?

DH stands for DESIGNATED HITTER, which is a player that only bats he doesnt play the field

A baseball players batting average?

It is this equation... Number of hits ____________ Number of at bats That easy!

How do you calculate the hitting average in baseball?

divide the number of hits you got by the number of at bats you had

Who made plastic baseball bats?

There are a number of companies that make plastic baseball bats. These include Cramer, Markwort, Champion, as well as Louisville.

Can you use wooden bats in college baseball?

Yes. There are a number of college baseball programs throughout the country that currently use wood bats.

What is the formula to calculate batting average in baseball?

for a season the number of at bats divided by the number of hits

How many starters are on a baseball team?

9 (or 10, depending on whether the pitcher bats for himself or the Designated Hitter is used).

How many bats do baseball teams have in their dugout?

In the dugout of baseball there are around 500 bats kept there, but this number may change to 5000 if the team bad

What are superstitions about baseball bats?

- Spit on a new baseball bat before using it the first time to make it lucky

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