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It really depends on what dance you are doing, but to answer your question yes. It also depends on what teacher you have. Sometimes teachers like to switch things around so they make different positions in different orders.

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Q: Can you perform the five positions of ballet out of order?
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How many basic positions are there in ballet?

There are five basic positions of the feet in ballet. It has been known to have as many as 10 positions.

How many positions are there in ballet-?

The positions of the feet in ballet is a fundamental part of classical ballet technique that defines standard placements of feet on the floor. There are five basic positions in modern-day classical ballet, known as the first through fifth positions.

Who invented the five positions of feet in ballet?

Pierre Beauchamp

What is the posture that must be maintained in each of the five positions?


What are the five positions of ballet called?

They are basically called first, second, third, fourth, and fifth positions.

In ballet are the positions hard or simple?

The positions in ballet are relatively simple. There are only five. If you Google image searched them I'm sure you could find an excellent diagram showing you these basic positions.

What are the five positions of ballet in french?

the five positions are, 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th. in french its une due toi quatre canque

Where is the center of gravity in the five positions of the feet in ballet?

In ballet, he center of gravity should always be in the middle of your body, no matter what you are doing.

What does feet positions mean in dance?

The five positions of the feet come from ballet, and are the foundation for many movements in ballet technique.Aside from static positions (we perform plies at the barre in first, second, fourth, and fifth, and often land jumps in first or fifth), the five positions also create landmarks for the feet to move through during more dynamic movements. For example, the chasse passes through fourth or second position, and assemble is a movement in which your feet meet in fifth in the air.All five positions are "turned out", meaning the toes point away from the midline of the body, but derivations are used in modern dance and contemporary ballet in which the feet are in parallel.

Fundamental of ballet?

The fundamental of ballet is, are the five positions, first, second,third,fourth,and fith, they aren't very difficult and can be taught to you on youtube.

How many positions are there in ballet?

There are five different positions although the fourth position is similar to fifth position and often skipped when doing the exercises.

How many classical ballet positions are there?

First you have your five basic ballet positions called first second third fourth and fifth position. They are in both the arms and the legs. You also have other popular poses such as classical pose.

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