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Yes, this would be considered a travel because you first took a step (legal, has a pivot foot), picked up the ball (legal, has a pivot foot), did a jump stop (legal, but no more pivot foot) then jumped and landed back on the foor (this is a walk because you are assigning another pivot point for your body after you lost the original pivot point).

Traveling in BasketballYes, it is considered a travel. You have taken three steps and it is a travel. If the ref saw it, you will be called on it and a turn-over will be called on you!

A travel in Basketball means you moved with out dribbling the ball. So if you are dribbling all that time you will be fine, however if you are not and keep on stopping and picking up the ball that would be a travel .

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yes, u may only take two steps wen thrown the ball, u cant dribble then stop otherwise yes it would be a travel

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yes you must dribble first

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Q: If you step before you dribble is it a travel?
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Travel in basketall?

That's double dribble. Travel is when you pick up the ball and walk/run with it before passing or pivoting.

Can you dribble and step on the line in basketball?


Would it be a travel if you are in a dribble toward the goal you jump grab the ball with both hands come down and take two steps and lay the ball in Is this a travel jump step or nothing?

that is a travel

Do you need to dribble the basketball before you take a shot?

No, there is no rule that says you must dribble the basketball before you can shoot it. But you may not take any steps with out dribbling the ball, if you do "travel" with the ball without dribbling the referee will whistle a penalty.

Can you take a step without a dribble?

Yes, you can^Uh no..Stepping Before DribblingA player who receives a pass from a teammate and starts running without dribbling is performing an illegal move. The player must dribble before he moves on the court with the ball, or else the referee will cite him for traveling. At the professional level, National Basketball Association referees seem to let players take a step before the dribble, but this should not happen in college, high school or youth basketball.

What happens when someone on your team double dribbles what is the penalty in basketball?

A double dribble is when you dribble the ball, pick it up with both hands, and then dribble again. A travel is when you pick the ball up and take a step that is not a pivot.

Can you pick up your own dribble after run out of bounds?

No, that would be called a travel.

What happens when you double dribble or travel?

basically it's called exactly that-double dribble or travel unless there are some techy terms reffs use most people call it that

Would it be considered a travel if you are dribbling toward the basket then you jump stomp on both feet then holding the ball step left foot right foot and shoot before the left foot hits the floor? of my little brothers teammates did that and the reff said it was a travel. Yes, it is a travel. Once you jump stop, you cannot driibble the ball again or pickup your pivot foot. It is also a travel if you stop your dribble, then take two steps, and then jump stop. It is either or, not both.

Can you use a pivot and still bounce the ball in basketball?

No, you cannot. This results in either a travel or a double dribble.

What is traveling in basketball terms?

When you have the Basketball and you run or walk more then one step without bouncing it Travelling is taking two consecutive steps with different feet without dribbling the ball, unless the ball is released after the second step and before the third step occurs. I arrive at this conclusion not by the rule book, but by watching basketball on TV.

Is turning the ball over a double dribble?

Turning the ball over can be anything to give the other team the ball. It is also called a turnover. It could be a travel, double dribble, or even offensive foul.