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No, you cannot. This results in either a travel or a double dribble.

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Q: Can you use a pivot and still bounce the ball in basketball?
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How do you bounce ball in basketball?

you bounce a ball in basketball by hitting the ball against the ground.

If a basketball player is out of bounce can he touch the ball when it is still in?

yes, but the ball will be out of bounds

Will a basketball or a tennis ball bounce higher with more air?

will a basketball or a tennis ball bounce higher with more air?

Will a basketball bounce higher than a tennis ball or will a tennis ball bounce higher than a basketball?

It really depends how hard you bounce either one, but i think the tennis ball.

Which ball will bounce higher a wiffle ball or a basketball?

most likely a basketball

Which ball is going to bounce the highest tennis ball basketball or soccer ball?

I believe a basketball

Which ball bounce highest?


Why do you need balance in basketball?

You need it because if the ball is about to go out of bounce, your balance can help you get the ball and still stay inbound.

Which ball will bounce higher lacrosse ball or basketball?

A lacrosse ball.

When do you establish a pivot foot in basketball?

If you get the ball or stop your dribble and pick up or move one foot, the foot that stays still is your pivot foot. If you were to pick up your pivot foot it is a walk.

How does air pressure effect the bounce of a basketball?

the ball wont bounce high enough for you to bounce it.

What is to dribble a basketball?

It's when you bounce the ball.

How high will a basketball bounce if it has oxygen in it?

how High will a basket ball bounce if it has oxygen in it

Can a basketball bounce with Rubbing Alcohol?

no basketball can't not bounce with rubbing alcohol because that is not something that can bounce a basket ball. I am just using my opinion

Can a ball bounce on carpet?

Yes, a ball can bounce on carpet It will definitely not bounce as well as on a hard floor, but a ball will still bounce on carpet. ?????????

Will grass make a basketball bounce?

No,of course not, the friction between the basketball and the grass would make the ball bounce less.

Does the temperature effects the bounce of a basketball?

Yes the Temperature does effect the bounce of a basketball. If your playing outside in the cold, the ball will not bounce as high as it would inside a gym. If the Temperature is pretty decent then the ball will bounce how its supposed to.Alright!!!!

What will bounce higher a ping pong ball or a basketball?

A ping pong ball will bounce higher then a basketball when dropped at the same height. The transfer of kinetic energy is greater in the lighter ping pong ball.

What is the meaning of dribble in the basketball terms?

To dribble in basketball terms is to bounce the ball up and down with your hand. You can bounce the ball with either hand with your finger tips or the palm of your hand.

Does temperature affect bounce of a Basketball?

Yes. If it is colder the ball will bounce less than when it is warmer.

Why does a tennis ball bounce higher than a basketball and soccer ball?

less weight

What is a basketball bladder?

It holds the air in the ball so it can bounce

What is are an basketball?

a round ball you bounce and throw in a tall net

Does a tennis ball bounce higher than a basketball?

yes it does ;)

What is basketball dribbling?

It is when you bounce a ball up and down the court.

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