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that is a travel

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Q: Would it be a travel if you are in a dribble toward the goal you jump grab the ball with both hands come down and take two steps and lay the ball in Is this a travel jump step or nothing?
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Can you pick up your own dribble after run out of bounds?

No, that would be called a travel.

If you travel toward the south pole your direction would be?

North of course! There is no other way to travel.

What would the basketball say to the basketball player?

Don't dribble on me?

If i was in Las Vegas what way would I travel if I were heading towards Los Angeles?

you would travel toward the Pacific ocean is, and that's where LA also is. Traveling from Vegas west, you would be headed toward LA and the sea.

How would lactose react toward barford test?

Theoretically nothing is happend

Would it be a travel if you stopped dribbling and then took two steps and shot the ball?

yes, u may only take two steps wen thrown the ball, u cant dribble then stop otherwise yes it would be a travel

Is it legal to dribble the ball on your knees in basketball?

no and the reason why it would be illegal to use yours knees to dribble the ball is because it would be called a kickball

If you could travel into earth what would you see?

nothing [darkness]

What can travel on water and land?

actually nothing can travel on water and land i would say a motorcycle cause some people actually use it on water but other then that, there is nothing.

Would it be considered a travel if you are dribbling toward the basket then you jump stomp on both feet then holding the ball step left foot right foot and shoot before the left foot hits the floor? of my little brothers teammates did that and the reff said it was a travel. Yes, it is a travel. Once you jump stop, you cannot driibble the ball again or pickup your pivot foot. It is also a travel if you stop your dribble, then take two steps, and then jump stop. It is either or, not both.

What is an adverb for dribble?

The adverb for the verb on noun dribble would be dribblingly (based on the present participle).However, this is not recognized as a formal word in English.

Which sport has the most rules?

That's a really good question. I'm not positive but I would say basketball because travel foul double dribble over and back and twist ball

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