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no, it counts as 2

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Q: If you shoot a two pointer in basketball and fall in three does it count as three?
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When in basketball do you earn a three pointer?

When you shoot from the three pointer line which is behind the foul line.

In basketball what happens when you make a three pointer and get fouled?

you get to shoot 1 free throw

How do you make three points in basketball?

you shoot a 3 point shot and make it or a and 1 on a 2 pointer

What is a made shot behind the three point arc in basketball?

No matter where you shoot from, after the three point arc it just counts as a three pointer.

Where is the three pointer line in basketball?

about three metres

How does a basketball player get a 3 pointer?

he shoots a basket from three yards away making it a three pointer

Who took the first three pointer in the world?


What is a ''field goal'' in Basketball?

A field goal in basketball is also called a three pointer. A three pointer is when a player shoots the ball outside the three point line and makes it.

Who sank the first three pointer in college basketball?

Ronnie Carr sank the first three pointer in 1980.

What's a field goal in basketball?

A field goal in Basketball is also called a three pointer. A three pointer is when a player shoots the ball outside the three point line and makes it.

What year did the three pointer enter college basketball?


Are there 5 pointers in basketball?

No there are not. The highest point you can get is a three pointer.

How far is a three pointer from the basket?

20 feet from the basketball rim.

What year did the three pointer enter high school basketball?

The three pointer entered high school as soon as the NBA created the three point shot.

How can you find out the ideal angle to shoot a three pointer?

Talk to Mrs.Hunt dude :(

What is that sign nba players throw up after they shoot a three pointer?

The A'OK sign. or the Three Goggles.

How many yards back is a three pointer in basketball?

17.6757889905 miles back

How do you score and win the game basketball?

When you have the basketball, you dribble across the court, and shoot into the hoops (Or you can pass). If you do that without a foul, you get two points. If you shoot from the three-pointer line, you get three points. You can also do free shots, but you'll need to receive a foul for that. If you make one, you get a point, make both, you get two. The team with most point wins!

What is a 2 pointer in basketball?

A Two pointer is when the basket ball is shot from inside the three point line, it can be called a regular basket

How is math involved in basketball?

Through a three pointer. If you are successful you will make the basket. SIMPLE!

How do you make three pointers?

You simply shoot the ball into the basket. The only difference from other shots is that you must be standing behind the three point circle for it to count as a three pointer. The circle is generally a line that extends past the key and around the basket.

When are you allowed to shoot a free throw?

after you get fouled when you are shooting you get two but if you shoot a three pointer you get three shots if you made your original you get one less free throw shot.

In college basketball why do some courts have two three point lines?

This is because some have the college 3 pointer AND the Pro 3 pointer.

Number of points received for a far away shot in basketball?

a two point shot is anything inside the 3 point line. anything outside the 3 point line is a you guessed it a three pointer ,and if you shoot from behind the half court line its a 4 pointer

I just dont get it. What the heck is a goal in basketball?

There are no "goals" in basketball. You score by making a two-pointer (inside the three-point line), a three-pointer outside of the three point line), or a free throw which is worth one point( you get those if you get fouled inside the paint).