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13 points. 6 points per goal and 1 point per behind. 6 + 6 + 1 = 13

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Q: If you scored 2 goals and one behind in a game of Australian Football League how many points did you score?
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What is the number of points scored in a behind in Australian Football?

In Australian Rules Football, there are 6 points in a goal. One behind is one point.

How do you figure the percentage on the Australian Football League table?

Simple- points for divided by points against multiplied by one hundred!

If you add the number of points awarded for a touchdown in American football to the number of points scored on a behind in Australian rules football and subtract the resulting total from the score bot?

The number that is printed on all bottles of Rolling Rock

What football game gives 2 points for a goal?

Rugby league awards two points for a penalty goal.The only other way to score two points in any of the major football codes is as follows:American football: Safety; two-point conversion following a touchdownRugby (union and league): Conversion following a tryIn Australian rules, you score in increments of 1 and 6. In Gaelic football, increments of 1 and 3. Soccer only has 1-point goals.

In Australian rules football how many points equal a goals?

One goal is worth 6 points.

Which team is the 2nd most successful team in England?

Currently Manchester city football club according to the Barclays premier league table(they have 77 points) behind manchester united(82 points)

How many points on a behind in Australia rules football?


What sport do you get points for a Try?

You get points for a try in the sport of rugby league and rugby union football.

Has any English Football League Club got more than 100 points in one season?

Has any English Football League Club got more than 100 points in one season?

How many league points do you get for 0 0 draw in football?

you get 1 point for a draw. 0 points for a loss. and 3 points if you win.

How many points equal 10 goals in Australian football?

1 goal is worth 6 points. So 10 goals is worth 60 points.

What do they call soccer in Australia?

Australian football is Australia's national sport, invented in the 1850's in Melbourne. It is played by two teams of 18 players on the field and (in the National competition the AFL) 3 interchange players and 1 substitute. The game is played on an oval shaped field of varying sized but is approximately 170m long and 150m wide. There are 4 posts at each end of the field, two 'goal' posts, which are 15m high and 6.4m apart and two 'behind' posts on the outside of the goal posts. The object of the game is to score a 'goal' by kicking the oval shaped ball between the goal posts. This awards the team 6 points. Hitting the goal post with a kick or kicking between the goal post and behind post awards the team 1 point. An Australian football score would look like 15.7.97 which equates to 15 goals (total 90 points) and 7 'behinds' (total 7 points) for a total of 97 points. The winning team is the team with the most number of points in total.