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Has any English Football League Club got more than 100 points in one season?

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Q: Has any English Football League Club got more than 100 points in one season?
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3 points for a win in English Football League?

3 points for a win was introduced to the league in the 1981/82 season.

What team has The most points in a football league championship season?

Most points in a season (2 points for a win): 74 by Lincoln City (Fourth Division, 1975-76) Most points in a season (3 points for a win): 106 by Reading (League Championship, 2005-06) Source:

How old is Football's English Premier League?

The English premier league was formed in season 1992/1993

When does English football league start next season?

when do want it to start

How long has the English premier football league existed?

Since the season 1992/3.

Will Portsmouth Football Club stay in the Premier League?

They were relegated last season, also nine points were deducted for going into administration. As of August 12th 2013, Portsmouth FC will play their games in League 2 ( the 4th tier of English football ).

How many English football league teams not lost a game all season?

There are only two teams in English Football league system to have gone an entire season unbeaten. Preston North End F.C won the inaugural season of Football League in 1888-89 season without losing a single game. Arsenal F.C is the only team in English Premier League to have gone an entire season unbeaten in 2003-04 season. Both teams earned nickname 'The Invincibles' for this feat.

What league is Accrington Stanley in?

In the 2015/2016 season they are in what is called League 2, which is corresponding to the 4th division of English football.

Who are the club that holds the record for the most points ever in a season in league football?

Nottingham forest and man u

How many teams get demoted from the premier league to championship in English football?

The lowest three in the English Premier League standings at the end of the season will be relegated to the Premier League Division II.

When will the 2012-2013 premium league football season start?

The English Premier League begins 18th August 2012

When did 2points for a win change in English football to 3 points?

The change was made ahead of the 1981-82 season.

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