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Frisbee is always capitalized. It's a trademark

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2010-10-23 05:45:46
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Q: If you say I played frisbee is frisbee capitalized?
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Should Frisbees always be capitalized?

Yes, Frisbee/Frisbees should always be capitalized because it is a trademark name.

How is say frisbee in spanish?

We call'em frisbee too.

Is there a Frisbee national championship?

I wouldn't say 'national championship' but the professional sport of frisbee is 'ultimate frisbee'.

How do you say frisbee in french?

un frisbee is named the same in French.

Is Frisbee capitalized?

Frisbee is a generic trademark (meaning it has come to be synonymous with a certain general product). Other examples of this are Band-Aids or Kleenex. They are all brand names however they are now colloquial with the term medical bandage or tissue. In short, yes, Frisbee would be capitalized as it is a brand name owned by Wham-O.

The children's game was played at the Joneses' house with James's dog and it's Frisbee?

There is one incorrect possessive in that sentence: it should be "its Frisbee" rather than "it's Frisbee": The children's game was played at the Joneses' house with James's dog and its Frisbee.

Sports not played in the Olympic?

· ultimate frisbee

How do you say frisbee in spanish?

disco volador

What is another sport like golf?

Frisbee Golf is like golf but, you know, played with a frisbee and a cage basket.

What sports is golf played in?

Like golf, frisbee golf

Is frisbee a sport?

Indeed Frisbee is two sports. There is disc golf, played like regular golf except with cage type holes, and ultimate frisbee, a sort of soccer/ handball/ football mix.

What is Frisbee in French?

"Frisbee" is Frisbee in French because Frisbee is a trademark name.

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