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a running back and a linebacker

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Q: If you run a 4.8 and bench 200 squat 300 and run 58 on the 400 could you be a starter on the football team your 13 and weigh 155?
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What position could you play in football if you squat 200 bench 135 run the 40 in 5 seconds and the 400 in 73 seconds?

the bench

What football position should you play if I'm 6'4 380 675 bench and a 900 squat?

Offensive or Defensive line.

What is the average weight bench and squat for a college linebacker?

you should at least be able to bench body weight, and squat 1.5x body weight. Competitive players bench 2x body weight, and squat 3.5x. -EXSS major

What is the NFL squat record?

Walter payton could squat 750 bench 650 deadlight 550

I am 15 6 foot 200 pounds i bench 165 and squat 300 am i weak compared to the average person?

Your bench is weak but your squat is good

What football position should you play if you are 14 years old 5 feet 11 inches 180 pounds bench press 220 squat 240 can run the 40 yard dash in 4.66 seconds and you play flanker in rugby?

linebacker most likely or safety,im 18 5'10" 190 bench 280, squat 340 and 40 dash in 4.4 and i blay running back if u could get faster and squat more u could play running back 2 but ur squat is def good 4 a 14 year old

What football position if you have a max of 110 bench 160 squat 125 power clean 7'4 broad jump a 4.99 20 yard shuttle and i weigh 130 and im 5'6?

The bench....Unless you are in middle school.

What is a good squat and bench press workout to get stronger fast?

A good squat exercise is the front squat in which the bar is placed on the front of your shoulders rather the back (very painful but rewarding). The wide grip bench press strengthens your upper body well.

Is sports hard to loose wate?

Depends on the sport, if it is curling yes but if u do football that fat and excess weight is transfered to muscle such as when u bench or squat or even run

How much does Tyson gay squat?

Believe it or not Tyson's personal best on the squat is 400 lbs and 250 lbs on the bench press.

How much can ted dibiase bench press?

about 400 pounds and can squat 700

What percentage of bodyweight can the average male bench or squat?

Benching: You should be able to bench your own body weight. Good is 125% of your weight, great is 150% and amazing is 175%. Squat: You should squat about double your weight if your on the lighter side and at least double if you are bigger. Unless you are a trained weight lifter use a conversion chart to predict one rep max, bad form could leave you crippled.