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If you play professional soccer, there is a range of how much you will be paid just like with any other sport. Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest paid soccer player, and currently makes 21 million euros.

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Q: If you play profesional soccer player how much do you get paid?
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How much a soccer player gets paid?

to much

How much does a nz soccer player get paid?


How much a soccer player gets paid on the bench?

Too much

How much does a soccer player get paid in belgium promotion?


How much does joshpro soccer player get paid?

1 zillion dollars

Who is more paid a soccer player or basketball player?

A soccer player.

How much money is a soccer player paid?

Far to much, most are overpaid primadonnas!!

Who gets paid more a soccer player or a soccer agent?

Soccer Player mate

How Soccer player gets paid?

Soccer players get paid in pounds in England , but in Europe they are paid in Euros.

How much does a poorly performing soccer player get paid?

Depends on where they play, how bad they are, etc.

How much does a professional soccer player get paid in the middle east?

it depends on which league they play in

Who is the highest paid Mexican soccer player?

the highest paid soccer player right now is Javier "chicharito" Hernandez