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Soccer players get paid in pounds in England , but in Europe they are paid in Euros.

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Q: How Soccer player gets paid?
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Related questions

How much does a soccer player get paid?

a soccer player gets paid $50,000,000each year!

Who gets paid more a soccer player or a soccer agent?

Soccer Player mate

Who gets paid more a football player or a soccer player?

A soccer player because Christiano Ronaldo gets £200,000 a week.

Who gets paid more a rugby union player or a soccer player?

soccer players

What sport gets paid the more soccer player or baseball player?

Soccer Players Big time.

How much a soccer player gets paid?

to much

Explain what a professional soccer player is?

A professional soccer player is a deticated athlete that gets paid to play on a team.

Who is biggest paid soccer player?

Zidane. he gets millions

How much a soccer player gets paid on the bench?

Too much

Who gets paid more football player or basketball players?

A soccer player, Ronaldo from real Madrid is paid 126 millions of euros

Most paid player in South Africa?

In soccer, Zuma at Sundowns gets paid R200 000 a month.

How much does messi the soccer player get paid a year?

well its really hard but he gets paid 1p a year

Who is the highest paid player in the world in soccer?

It said in News That Zamir gets Paid 14 million dollars per week

The highest paid soccer player in English premier league?

who is the highest paid soccer player in the English premier soccer league

Who is more paid a soccer player or basketball player?

A soccer player.

Average mls salary?

the average MLS soccer player gets paid $100,000 to $150,000 each season

What does the average Mexican soccer league division 1 soccer player get paid?

At least $50,000 each game if the team wins but if the team loses the player gets paid $10,000 Man I wish i can get paid that much just for playing a game!!! The highest paid soccer player so far is David Beckam witch gets paid $700,000!!!! ----------------------------------------------------------- That is the worst, most idiotic answer i have ever heard. you should probably just shoot yourself. you have officially made everyone dumber by posting this.

How much does christiano ronaldo get paid?

Cristiano Ronaldo gets paid 21 million euros. He is the highest played soccer player in the world, and also one of the highest paid athletes.

Who is the highly paid soccer player?

Lionel Messi gets £ 180,000+ p/w Cristiano Ronaldo gets £ 183,000+ p/w

Highest paid soccer player salary?

John Terry gets the highest salary I think. That is 150,000 pounds a week.

What sort gets paid most football or soccer?

soccer! Easy

Which athletes get paid more basketball or soccer players?

That depends on who you are talking about. Prime time great athletes in soccer, i.e. David Beckham, get paid $50 million a year. Most soccer players get paid less than that, though, much less. A good basketball player gets paid around $20 million a year.

Who is the highest paid Mexican soccer player?

the highest paid soccer player right now is Javier "chicharito" Hernandez

How much money does a soccer player get paid per hour?

depends. john terry gets 525 quid every hour

What are the earnings for a soccer player?

They are paid huge amounts every week, for example Rio Ferdinand gets 1,25,000 pounds a week.