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110 Players = 10 teams but there is 12 teams so it would actually be 132 Players

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Q: If you have two soccer teams in front of two soccer teams and two soccer teams behind two soccer teams and two soccer teams beside two soccer teams How many players do you have?
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What is the players called to protect the goalkeeper in soccer?

Sweeper have to protect the keeper he/she is just behind the center back/center backs and in front of the goalkeeper

How do you say in front behind in on under and beside in French?

in front: devant, behind: derrière, in: dedans, on: dessus, under: dessous, beside: à côté (de).

If you have two football teams in front of two football teams and two football teams behind two football teams and two football teams beside two football teams How many players do you have?

44 players. There would be 4 teams, with 11 players each. Team 1 and 2 would be in front of team 3 and 4 and so would be the two teams in front of two teams, and teams 3 and 4 would be behind teams 1 and 2 and so would be the two teams behind two teams.

What did the 1800 soccer players put on for a soccer game?

They did what we do know, play in front of people and try to get the ball in the goal.

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Off sides in soccer?

For a pass to be valid in soccer, the player receiving the ball needs to have at least 2 members of the opposing team in front of him, of which can include the goalkeeper. An offside happens when there is just on or no players from the other team in front. There is one exception to this though. If the player receiving the ball does not have at least two players in front of him, but he/she is behing of the ball when the ball was passed, it is not an offside, but a valid pass.

Advantages for having eyes at side of head?

You can see what is beside you. Think of it as a horse approaching a jump. They cannot see in front or behind but to the side.

What does the stopper do in soccer?

The stopper in soccer simply stops anything that passes the midfield. Your job is to play behind the center mid fields and basically act as a defensive midfielder. You have a support system behind you but try to keep the ball in front of you at all times.

What type of seats do you get if you are given tickets to a game by one of the sports players?

front row behind the bench

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How is a soccer team set out on the field?

hey dude!! a soccer team consists of 11 players where 3 players play in each section; backs, mids and forwards plus a goally which means there is one spare player where help is needed. either in the back, middle or front.

Five position a player have on a soccer field?

Some positions are defender, goalkeeper, sweeper (which goes behind the defenders), midfielders, strikers or forwards, and stoppers (which goes in front of the defenders but behind the midfielders).

Why is there a difference between soccer cleats and baseball cleats?

The difference between soccer cleats and baseball cleats is that a baseball cleat has a cleat at the very front of the shoe, making it dangerous to other soccer players if they get kicked. Also the spacing of the cleats are different to allow for different maneuvers.

What are all the penalties in soccer?

pushing,shoving,grabing the ball with your hands,tackle from behind,kick the ball in front of the goalie, and grab the ball if your the goalie is a no no!

What are soccer shin guards made of?

They have a hardened plastic front for protection, they have some firm foam behind that, then a stretchable material to ensure they are tight to the leg.

When should a soccer referee blow the whistle?

A soccer referee may blow the whistle if: # A player is offsides (an offender is behind the last defender when the ball is kicked). # Players are pushing or elbowing each other. # Tripping (a player sticks his foot in front of another player and does NOT hit the ball, if you touched the ball first your safe). # A goal is made # The ball goes out of bounds # The beginning and end of each game

How do you position soccer players on the field?

There are 4 "jobs" a soccer player can have. They can be the goalie who is guarding the net at the end of the field, they can be a defender who are positioned in front of the goalie's box, a midfielder who is positioned in front of the defense, or a forward/attacker who is positioned in front of the midfielders. The 2 most popular ways to place a soccer team are 4 defence, 4 midfield, 2 forwards AND 4 defence, 3 midfield, 3 forwards (there is also the goalie, which there can only be 1 of).

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What line divides the back row from the front in volley ball?

The 10 ft. line is typically considered the dividing point between the front and back row on the court. Although, players will play outside of their positions when necessary, meaning that front row players could potentially play a ball in the back row (behind the 10 ft. line)

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