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44 players. There would be 4 teams, with 11 players each. Team 1 and 2 would be in front of team 3 and 4 and so would be the two teams in front of two teams, and teams 3 and 4 would be behind teams 1 and 2 and so would be the two teams behind two teams.

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Q: If you have two football teams in front of two football teams and two football teams behind two football teams and two football teams beside two football teams How many players do you have?
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the football players in front to go short disatnces and small players in the back to go long distances

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110 Players = 10 teams but there is 12 teams so it would actually be 132 Players

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A defensive player who lines up behind the defensive linemen and in front of the defensive backfield. The linebackers are a team's second line of defense.

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